Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Friday, September 10, 2010

An American Arab woman speaks out: "The burning of the Koran will not destroy it... God will protect it"

by Cyrus Webb

In spite of the economy being the overwhelmng issue on the minds of most Americans, the issue of the proposed Islamic Center/Mosque blocks away from Ground Zero and the threat of burning the Koran have been replayed time and again in newspapers and on cable news.

Though there have been various opinions discussed regarding both issues, a young American Arab living in San Diego, CA believes the Koran holds the answer to what should be done.

"I start by quoting the Koran," says Samara, author of the thought-provoking book WHEN THE VEIL DROPS. " 'No disaster strikes except by permission of  Allah. (Juz 28, Surah 64, Verse 11).'

She continues by stating this: "The burning of the Koran will not destroy it. Muslims believe that God gave us the Koran and God will protect it. Instead of viewing the burning of the Koran as an insult or a disaster. Let us Muslims consider it a chance to reevaluate what we have done with the teachings of the Koran. As followers of a tolerant religion, we should accept that others need to show their anger and frustration with Islamists and terrorists.

"As followers of a tolerant religion, we should have never suggested the location of this
mosque/ islamic center. As followers of a tolerant religion, we should have studied the life of Muhammad and ask ourselves would our prophet have chosen this location for the mosque? I think not."

Samara was born and raised in an Arab country and she continues to live her daily life balancing te culture which she was born in with the culture she now lives in and identifies with. She goes on to say "Maybe this Koran burning is a warning sign given by God to Muslims to ask us to update Islam and reevaluate what some of us have done."

It is clear that her view isn't expressed by all, but it is one that is getting a voice as the debate continues to wage on.

For more information about Samara and her book WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

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