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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Artist Michael Auger: Pursuing His Passion One Project At A Time

by Cyrus Webb

"If you can dream it, I can draw it!" Those are the confident words you find on the website of talented illustrator Michael Auger, and you know what? I believe it!

When he appeared on Conversations LIVE recently I got the feeling that this was someone who was sure of his purpose and was using every day he was given to share his passion with the world. "All my life I've been drawing," he told me "It just developed." After being told by everybody that he was good at it, Michael not only continued but he has improved along the way. The reason he was able to remain so faithful to the gift? "It's always been a part of me," he answered.

When I brought up his slogan and inquired about the confidence, Michael told me that it has always been there, even through the rough times. We all know that life doesn't always unfold the way we would like, but that never deterred him from staying true the gift and nurturing it. I believe that if anything it only inspired him to hold on to it.

As with any craft not everyone will like what you do, but that doesn't deter him, either. "I don't focus on the haters," he says. "I focus on those who get it." Michael sees that as a better use of his time: finding and connecting those who are your audience.

What about those who do "get it"? How does it feel for him to find those who love his work? "I believe that art is the true test," Michael says. "Does it make you feel something? Emotion is where it's at. My art usually makes people smile or laugh. Knowing I have made their day is such an uplifting charge that it motivates me to do more."

Regardless of what your passion is, Michael Auger has this advice for you: Stand up for what you're worth. Know what you're worth. Don't cheapen yourself or your craft. What a great reminder for anyone who is fostering a dream and looking to see it pay off!

You can find out more about Michael and his work by visiting

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