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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mary's Motivational Message: "Love's Special Holiday"


 I love Holidays and I believe that Valentine's Day is a fabulous celebration filled with endless passion. It is an appetizer and a compliment to the main event; the main event being LOVE.

I can clearly recall last year during the week of Valentine's Day, observing how many shoppers appeared to be in a frenzy. I believe that they presented in this state because there is an expectation attached to Valentine's Day: Money, Flowers, Candy, Cards, Jewelry, Dinner, Dancing, Travel etc… So many of us do this song and dance each and every year while being worried, burnt out, stressed out and then like a cool evening breeze…February 14th is over, shutdown and forgotten by many, for twelve months.

I'm asking, is it possible to lose one's self in Love's many facets or is Love's Special Holiday simply an indulgence; an indulgence reserved for one special day and if so, why not experience such an indulgence three hundred and sixty-five days out of any given year.

How can one cultivate love, hold on to love, embrace love and indulge in love continuously? Now let's place an "I" in front of each question: How can "I" cultivate Love, how can "I" hold on to Love, how can "I" embrace Love, how can "I" extend Love and how can "I" indulge in Love continuously?

My eldest daughter stated, "It's amazing how many only feel loved during Love's Special Holiday. There are individuals who are abused and disrespected on every level but on Valentine's Day, they are showered with endless gifts and on February 15th, it's back to pre Valentine Day behaviors!!!"  My youngest daughter also shared her perspective in stating, "For this one day many are showered with symbols of Love. The expression is so deep, so powerful and profound because it is in your face. And for many, not all, the acknowledgement is simply reserved for that one day."

I strongly believe that Love's Special Holiday is about embracing Love. The Love of your spouse, the love of your children, Love of your boyfriend or girlfriend, the love you hold for extended family and friends. For those of you who wait until February 14th to express what it is you feel within your heart…shame on you!!! Trust me when I say that Love is a good indulgence.

Allow yourself to be unrestricted. If your budget allows, be assured that Flowers, candy, a romantic dinner, Passionate love making or just dancing the night away is a welcomed treat 365 days out of the year.


1.      The best gifts are from the heart and come with no price tag. Your time, a phone call, your time, a big hug, your time, a letter, your time, conversation.

2.      Don't assume others know what it is you feel. Try expressing what is in your heart such as: I love you, I appreciate you, I respect you or I honor you, holds more value than you could ever imagine.

As we move past Valentine's Day, be mindful of this truth, Loves Special Holiday is what you proclaim it to be. It can be as simple as one day or as long as each and every day of your life.

Love, Joy, Peace and Endless Passion,                                                                                                                                                                          Mary

Mary E. Gilder is the author of the award winning novel, "A Misrepresentation of Myself." She can be reached at or Also visit her website at: .

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