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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celeste Thorson: Following Her Personal Bliss

by Cyrus Webb

The path that has guided actress/model/director Celeste Thorson can be found in this adage: 'Say the things you want to say. go the place you want to go. and love like there's no tomorrow.' She is an individual who has learned what it means to discover your passion and move forward in it come what may.

When I got the opportunity to talk with her about her career, it was difficult not only to see her joy but her genuine gratefullness for the opportunities that have come her way. "It's been a really challenging experience," Celeste told me during her visit to Conversations LIVE. She says that she takes each day one at a time, but make sure to follow her personal bliss along the way.

I was curious as to how her success has affected her and the way that she looks at herself in the world today. Celeste told me this: "I try to be greatful for every opportunity and put as much energy into each goal. It's important to enjoy the process. I love to see that seed of an idea grow into something bears fruit for everyone." She also realizes the balance that you have to strike as well. "It's important not to lose who you are. We are all passionate about our own individual interests. Everyone has a different journey and truth to follow. There is enough for everyone." This has gone into the various roles that she has been fortunate enough to be a part of and her own projects such as

As her star has continued to rise, Celeste Thorson has been busy using her place in the public to bring attention to causes that matter to her, including environmental and human rights. Giving back, however, is not just something reserved for people in the public eye. She told me that she feels it's important to follow that bliss and put as much effort into it as possible, regardless of what your profession. "It's better to do it today then to put it off until tomrorow and have it be just a dream."

One of the many ways that Celeste speaks to her fans is through social media. "They move me just like I may be able to motivate them," she confesses. Talking about the role that sites like Facebook and Twitter play in her life she says it's like "being on the pulse of what we all care about."

When sharing her own advice for individuals, Celeste believes that you have to be your biggest cheerleader. "You have to challenge yourself," she says. "Follow the things that you are passionate about. If everyone can tune into whatever their specialty is it makes it easier to distinguish yourself from others."
Celeste's overall message is to stay present in each day of your life. "The journey is sometimes the most rewarding part. Each one of these little moments will never come again."

To find out more information about Celeste Thorson and her current projects visit www.celestethorson or You can also follow her on Twitter at & on Facebook at

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