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Friday, February 17, 2012

Screenwriter Tanner Grover: Using His Passion To Bring Dreams To Life

by Cyrus Webb

For screenwriter Tanner Grover his passion comes from the ability to bring his story and character to life. I was impressed by not just the way he approaches the things that matter to him but his ability to inspire others as well.

As someone who values the opinions of others, its been a great thrill to hear how his work is resonating with others and that people like what he is producing. What more could someone in the creative community ask for? Like myself, he is fascinated with not just the present but what is coming next, and that keeps him pushing himself and his creativity more.

An interesting part of our interview came when I asked Tanner how does he keep the challenges of life from stopping him for doing what he loves to do. "In a way I am the posterchild for adversity," he told me and our listeners on Conversations LIVE. As someone who has dealt with a physical disability all of his life, Tanner told us that he has always had walls put up in front of him. People told him what he couldn't do, but he told us that he has found a way over, around and through those challenges that he has faced. "Little by little I am finding my way through," he says. "If I keep my head and keep moving forward eventually I will reach that next level."

Instead of letting the difficulties dictate what he could do, Tanner Grover is showing all of us that no matter what our circumstances we can succeed if we don't become defined by the challenges. If I know Tanner we will continue to hear a great deal of exciting things from this talented young man. Stay in contact with all of his new projects and updates on Facebook at

1 comment:

  1. Collaborating with Tanner on our new TV show "Pick N Roll" has been one of the greatest things I have done in my filmmaking career. He is an inventive writer and a basketball fanatic.

    Great insightful feature, Cyrus - as usual!