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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Singing Sensation Karyn White: Seizing The Day

by Cyrus Webb

No matter who you are the world changes each and every day. With the changes we are able to learn, to grow and to expand the way we see ourselves and our contribution to those around us. For singing superstar Karyn White, change has brought about not only accolades for her gifts but opportunities for her to use the dynamic gift that is her voice to inspire others.

It was 1998 when music lovers got their first listen to Karyn through her self-titled debut album. Among the hits on the project was the single SUPERWOMAN that still resonates with women today. From there she went on to be nominated for Grammy awards and other honors, but the important thing for her was singing. It has been that way since she had sang in the church at the age of 7 or 8. As her star continued to rise and more people around the world got to know who she was and what she had to offer, Karyn White made the decision in the mid 90s to walk away from the spotlight.

Now some 17 years later she is back with not only a new outlet on the world but a clear understanding of her role in it. Her new album CARPE DIEM (Seize The Day) reminds music lovers why they fell for her before and what she has to offer today.

Talking with Karyn was almost like catching up with a good friend. I had first interviewed her in late 2011 and was grateful for her to once again take out the time this year to discuss the new album and what it's like being back in the public eye.

I began by asking her about the rise of internet and how it affects the way we get our information and our music. "I think it's wonderful," she said to me "It's great to be able to reach out and touch the world. I love social media." And that love has added to not only her old fans finding her again but new ones connecting with her as well. "It's just a blessing. You have an appreciation when you step away from something. Having the love and the support is everything, especially when you're doing it independently. This time around I am involved in every aspect of my career. Hearing from the fans and their letting me know how they feel about the music and me gives me a boost."

CARPE DIEM is a theme that for me denotes the greatness that is the gift that is today. Karyn told me that she feels the same way. "The way I approached this album and the message I wanted to share makes the whole project worthwhile," she says. "I am also fortunate that my music is affecting others. Like anything else it's hard work, but I'm for the challenge."

Along with the music Karyn has been sharing her positive affirmations online and in her new book. She realizes that she is seen as a inspired person that is able to inspire others, and that's fine with her. When fans listen to CARPE DIEM Karen told me that she wants them to think about their own possibilities. "Don't waste your time looking at yesterday or having regrets," she says. "Look for ways to create opportunities for yourself. Many would like at my being gone for 17 years and say that the odds are against me. I believe that if you fall down then you get back up. Keep dreaming and stay focused on whatever makes you happy."

Karyn White can be found at or on Twitter @karyns_world. You can get her new project on or wherever you get your digital music.

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