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Monday, June 3, 2013

What Would Michelle Do?: A Modern-Day Guide to Living with Substance and Style

Embodying style, class, and intelligence, Michelle Obama has quickly become an American icon. Yet, she still faces the same issues as most women today. As they watch her juggle kids, marriage, and a seemingly nonstop calendar without breaking a sweat, American women are asking, What Would Michelle Do?

Award-winning Newsweek journalist Allison Samuels, who has interviewed the First Lady numerous times, follows the trajectory of Michelle's life to illustrate the determination, intellect, and charm that drive her success-and reveals how women can incorporate those same attributes to get everything Michelle has, from her toned arms to her grace under pressure to her happy marriage. Covering a range of lifestyle topics-from creating a distinctive style to conquering obstacles to managing a household-What Would Michelle Do? combines solid advice with a fun package that will appeal to style mavens, soccer moms, and career women alike.

Conversations' Review of WHAT WOULD MICHELLE DO?

I could tell from the very title of the book that WHAT WOULD MICHELLE DO? was going to be something fun and entertaining for individuals looking for examples of what was possible in life---and Allison Samuels didn't disappoint.

The book uses the example of the First Lady of the United States to show how you can be the best of yourself, regardless of where you are from, just by making smart decisions and knowing who you are. Though there are fun tips inside the book such as things to help you in shopping smart, looking your best and even going for what you want, there is really more on the level of showcasing the importance of making yourself noticeable and using your gifts to get where you desire to go.

In the case of Mrs. Obama she was taught early on to make a difference. Don't just follow the trends. Be a trailblazer yourself. You can be your best professionally and still be able to be the mate and parent that you want to be. You can have it all, but you have to be willing to work for it.

Men can learn alot from this as well. You have to surround yourself with individuals who want the best for you, that will be honest with you at all times and want to see you prosper. Along the way difficult choices will be made, but you have to be willing to rise up to meet them in order to get to the next level.

All of this is included in Samuels' book that should prove inspirational to anyone who has a desire to be the best of themselves. It's not about a political party. It's about a belief in yourself and what is possible. If you can focus on that, there is no way this book won't prove a resource for you.

WHAT WOULD MICHELLE DO? is available wherever you buy your books online and at a bookstore near you.

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