Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, January 22, 2017

[REVIEW] ROCK AND ROLL: The Movie will make you laugh and think twice about giving up on your dreams

by Cyrus Webb

I think pretty much everyone knows that my sense of humor is not the best, but when a movie can make me laugh, think and get inspired it is definitely a 5-star experience for me.

With ROCK AND ROLL: The Movie you have a story that is all about possibilities and people's perceptions of you---and if you are going to allow them to define you. That is true in the case of the character David Roso in the film who wants to make his mark and prove others wrong in his quest to be an agent. It is also true of his reluctant client Steve Taylor (played by Darren Dowler) ---and what he has been told about himself and what he has come to then believe about himself. The two of them don't realize it at first, but they are exactly what the other needs.

Humor is a big part of this film, but the message can't be denied. If you want to succeed at your goal or dream sometime you have to be willing to risk it all. Otherwise if you just play it safe you will never do everything you should to turn your goal and dream into a reality. David realizes this early on. for Steve it is a slower process it seems, but when you have others pushing you, encouraging you to take a chance---it definitely becomes easier.

Like I said I am not known for my sense of humor, but I could look past some of the campier moments of this film and see a message that definitely spoke to me and I believe will speak to others as well.

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