Thursday, April 13, 2023

With LONG DAYS, SHORT YEARS Andrew Bomback looks at the history and unknowns of parenting

As someone who doesn't have children of my own but has grown up around lots of children, Andrew Bomback's BOOK LONG DAYS, SHORT YEARS is a welcome read. I love how he is able to take a look at the history of parenting, the challenges and unknowns that parents deal with along with his own adventures as a parent.

The book shows how the ideals of the time or of some can shape the way we see our child and ourselves. It also calls into question I think the idea of being busy all the time not necessarily being the best strategy when we are putting the child and their welfare front and center. 

It's informative, fun and definitely gives you much food for thought as to how personal parenting can be. That is why I think it's a book that parents and those around children will definitely find enjoyable. 

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