Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Have You Ever?" by Alexander Gibson

Have you ever wondered why, the cloud is in the sky?

And we're born on one day, just so we can die?

Have you ever stop to think, why red and white make pink and green and yellow make blue

But oil and water won't do?

Have you ever to stop to ponder why racism takes us under?

And lighting without rain is dry, so what would you call thunder?

Have you ever noticed people, whose goal in life is to deceive you?

Get mad when their attempts fail and their efforts are so feeble?

Have you ever had a mate, who made you feel so great?

But love was based on tangible things that they tried to mold like clay?

Have you ever seen a flower that springs up after a shower?

Only to vanish a little while later and die within an hour?

Have you ever taken a drink and then decided to think

That asking why is an empty question so get back to your routine?

Have you ever been asked a question by someone who didn't want the answer?

And telling the truth is just like lying because they took it as a damper?

Have you ever pontificated, the theory of rehabilitation?

And realized that if it doesn't come from within the same actions will be reciprocated?

Have you ever, have you ever, I'm pretty sure that you have.

Have you ever been asked have you ever or is it forever that you have?


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