Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Surrounded" by Alexander Gibson

What makes me feel the way I do?  Is it the inward or outward?  My surroundings cause me to be surrounded.

Bars, fences, doors and wires.  Am I really surrounded?  Is my entrapment physical or mental?

My surroundings are of less than adequate conditions.

If I am to better myself then why am I not surrounded by the necessary materials to do so?

Surrounded on all sides, physically limited and mentally disturbed, I still try to strive!

Changing my surroundings doesn't change me being surrounded.

A direct contradiction to the normal train of thought.  Placing tangibility on the word itself allows me to be free.

My surroundings are me.  I take them everywhere I go.  I surround myself with thoughts and dreams.

A proactive approach to a reactive situation.  Why take what I can't give and give what shouldn't be taken.

Surroundings don't make a man or the opposite.  A small piece to an unfinished puzzle.

Ignorance, deceit, hatred and evil are all a part of this inhumane, manmade society.

Drifted so far from the original intention.  What can one to do cope?  Getting by or getting away... what's better?

Surroundings are situational and sometimes unavoidable, circumstantial and always present.

Nevertheless the choice is yours.  Surrounded is complete in and of itself but not an impossible feat.

A life-long fight won without on blow.  Beaten but not broken

I control my surroundings and what I'm surrounded by has no control over me.


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