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Saturday, May 4, 2013

League of Distinguished Gentlemen Member: Mr. Willis Victory

by Kenyon Glover
Conversations Magazine Contributor

 Mr. Victory, we are excited to feature you as a member of the League of Distinguished Gentlemen Club. What are the current businesses that you own and briefly describe each one? 

Thank you for the opportunity. Here are my current businesses:

- The Stars of Victory Entertainment Group

Focus is on talent management, development, promotion and branding.  This is the management side of the company structure.  Talent currently represented by the Stars of Victory Entertainment Group, range from Actor's/Actresses', Model's, Artist, Comedian's, and will be moving toward the representation of Athlete's by late 2013.

-Phase 7 Media Group Inc.

This is the recording and production side of things.  Focus is on the production of music, film and media technology. Phase 7 Media Group Inc., is currently in negotiation of expanding the brand and introducing Mr. Travis Miller; Grammy Award Winning Producer of the Grammy Award Winning Production Team, the Trackboyz, out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Phase 7 Media Group, will be releasing talented and soulful, Ms. Ebony Wade's, long anticipated debut album in December of 2013.

Phase 7 Media Group Inc., will also be producing several superstar artist to be announced later this year, and are currently in negotiation with a Grammy Award Winning music legend, to expand the companies music production and international presence on the music scene.  This merger will be a merger of the times, and public information will be available once all details are finalized and both companies have cleared the announcement for press release.  Phase 7 Media Group Inc., will also be releasing several films; to include, New York Times Best Selling Author, Omar Tyree's best selling book, now coming to a theater near you, Leslie.  Leslie, is one of the many master pieces by the dynamic author, and one of many of his books which will be released as movies from the author's very impressive collection of best selling books.  Phase 7 Media Group will be a powerhouse in the music and film industry for years to come.  The company will also be introducing several advances in music and film technology and announcing all artist, tour and film releases in the months to come.

-The Global Victory Capital Investment Group

This is a company which consist of a group of investor's whom I personally hand picked, to be a catalyst of funding to my companies, non-profit organization's, investment opportunities and other business ventures.  This group is by invitation only and we often entertain outside business in investment opportunities, such as:  Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze, Oil, Petroleum, Natural Energy and Technology, Real Estate, Fashion, Music, Film and an array of other domestic and international business opportunities that may present itself from time to time.  This group is considered a Private Equity group which specializes in top level business on the domestic level and international level.  The group has hired trusted professional's who are licensed in their chosen fields to carry out very complex business transaction's and structure business that the group may deem as profitable; or on many occasion's the group will look to Non-Profit and charitable work, to join in the efforts of making the world a better place for us all to live in.

-The Willis Victory Family Foundation Inc.

This is a Non-Profit Organization with a focus on my immediate family structure and the future of my companies and organization's; as well as, a foundation for families in third world countries and Urban America, to have the opportunity to receive an education, apprenticeship and funds to enter into the world of entrepreneur's.  The motto for the organization is: "United Dynasty."  The focus is to move families toward their passion's and dream's together, using the force of unity to achieve insurmountable success, even against the most difficult of odds.

-The Willis Victory Winner's Circle Foundation Inc.

This is an organization with a focus on youth athletic programs, mentorship programs, education and performing arts.  "Expect Nothing Less Than Victory," is the motto of the organization.  The organization places an emphasis on passion, desire, faith, vision, belief and never giving up on your dreams.  The Willis Victory Winner's Circle Foundation Inc., will be holding several events, charities and fundraiser's to support the mission of the organization.  The organization thrives to develop healthly children by consistently focusing on the mind, body & soul development of each child.  The organization plans to build recreation center's; performance of the art's center's and boy's and girl's club's across Urban America.  The organization believes through consistent development and very careful - focused attention to the youth, will bring about a better world for everyone to live in; great leader's, who will genuinely love and care for one another.

League of Distinguished Gentleman

- This is a clothing line where I am a partner of fellow Actor, business partner and entrepreneur, Mr. Kenyon Glover.  League of Distinguished Gentleman is more than a clothing line; it is a fashion empire, which represents: Love, loyalty, respect, peace, style, class, elegance, good living, top-level and the spirit of all future and present champion's; who strive to get the best out of themselves and life everyday in every way.  The spirit of hard work and the living of one's dreams and passion.  An international fashion brand that makes a statement to all of what it truly means to distinguish oneself. League of Distinguished Gentleman, is a league of its own; the gentleman who celebrates his uniqueness and expresses himself the way only a true gentleman knows how to.  We are very excited for the introduction of our Spring and Summer lines.  We will also be announcing the release of several of our other products and accessories.  Stay on the lookout for, League of Distinguished Gentleman clothing and product's coming to a store near you!

When it comes to LDG, what are you guys hoping to achieve with it? And what does it take to become a part of the League of Distinguished Gentlemen? 

With League of Distinguish Gentleman Fashion Line, we are looking to establish a global brand recognition and a lifestyle.  Something outside of the box, unique and a completely different level of fashion than the world has become accustomed to.  An attitude, confidence, style, swagger; however, most importantly, love and respect.  With League of Distinguished Gentleman, I feel that the whole concept is more about self expression, being the best man that you can be and taking life to unforseen plateau's and level's.  League of Distinguished Gentleman to me is an elite class of men through hard work, vision and belief in their passion's and dream's in life, come together in expression lifting up the true essence of a distinguished gentleman. One of honor and respect.

To be a distinguished gentleman one must be confident.  Demonstrate self-respect, love, compassion, drive, determination and all of the other qualities that the great leader's and genious's throughout history have demonstrated.  One must be focused and understand the discipline it takes to achieve excellence and mastery.  To be a distinguish gentleman one must exemplify a tremendous passion for the practice and discipline it take to achieve true happiness and success in life.

Tell us about the different adversities that you faced getting yourself and your businesses established and how you overcame them? 

Getting established in business one face many different adversities. The first thing you need to understand is that; no one is going to believe in you or anything you are doing, until you first believe in yourself.  Like with any business or organization; start-up capital and funds are always in the discussion.  What I learned, is that as long as I maintained enthusiasm for my passion, my dreams and what I was doing; all else seemed to fall into place. My faith in God and belief in what I was doing was and will forever be the catalyst behind any achievement or success.  You will always have naysayer's and non-believer's.  You have to make sure you surround yourself with supportive family, friend's business partner's and associate's. Always remained grounded and maintain a disciplined focus in your work.  You have to do what you love to do or else it your enthusiasm will die.  Enthusiasm and passion are key components to business.  With these key component's one will gather the right kind of education, attract the right mentor's and endless opportunities.  Proper preparation prevents poor performance.  Always be prepared to turn opportunity into rewards.  Most importantly; find yourself in service to other's and make sure you are happy doing what you are doing.

Tell our readers are you Married? Have kids? How is it being a husband and a father, especially having all the things going on in your life? How do you balance it? Is your family supportive? 

Married with children, yes.  Being a husband and a father is a very powerful motivating force behind what I do.  It was with that vision in mind that I set out to build an empire for my family and children.  I am a musician, actor, businessman and entrepreneur.  My wife and children allow me to express this passion through them, which makes for a very supportive cast.  Being a role model and a positive influence in my son, Prince Amari Victory's life is a life long commitment, and something that I am very dedicated in striving for.  Opening up a world of positive experiences, creativity, education, exploration, adventure, provision and protection are things are strive to lay down a foundation for my daughter's; Kylah Rae Victory and Aaliyah Victory. I meditate daily and maintain a very strong spiritual presence in my life.  Keeping God first aligns everything in its proper place and with the support of my family and children; I remain grounded and dedicated to being the best man that I can be.  I keep a daily regimen at the gym and am a dedicated daily reader, always looking to evolve in mind, body & soul.  Having a wife who supports and believes in your dreams is vital.  There are and always will be ups and downs in life. You just have to know that you will come out a winner; however, this is not automatic... Faith, focus, discipline and always keeping your eyes on the prize will keep you going when you reach a valley and you inevitably will.

Continued blessings to you, Mr. Victory. What advice that you could give up and coming business entrepreneurs..

The advice I would give to up and coming entrepreneur's would be, believe in the power of your future and dreams.  Forever remain original and unique.  Maintain a deep burning belief and passion towards your dreams.  Use naysayer's (hater's) as fuel for your fire.  They are very necessary in your quest to reach the epitome of who you are as a human being.

Look for Willis Victory to be releasing an album and doing work in film this year. Stay in contact with League of Distinguished Gentlemen and more from our organization at and . 


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Very handsome and intelligent gentleman. Nothing like a behind the scene genius who pops up when he likes, but does not desire or need the spotlight. Love it! Thanks, Cyrus. Great choice for your magazine, Mr. Willis Victory.

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  3. Los Angeles Fashion and Trend FriendsJune 2, 2013 at 4:03 PM

    Had the chance to meet this gentleman. Very beautiful soul inside and out. Thanks for the article, Conversations Magazine and Cyrus Webb.

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  5. New York Fashion and TrendJune 27, 2013 at 8:08 AM

    A true Rennassaince man. Great spirit and soul.

  6. Monty SilverstoneJuly 1, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    Way ahead of his time. Way ahead.

  7. WOW is all I can say. Such a GREAT man and BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!!! such an accomplishment!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS:))