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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mary's Motivational Message: A Word of Advice From A Writer On Assignment

Recently, I was sharing conversation with an individual and I mentioned how I was hard at work on a new venture and to my surprise the individual responded by stating, “I know it has been awhile since you had a job but you will master this opportunity.”

While keeping my cool, I reminded this individual of how in the last fifteen years there has only been a twelve month period were I was without employment.

The thinking of this individual is very much reflective of how numerous Americans view employment. Self-employment for many is viewed as risk taking, less productive and foolish. And if you happen to be in the ARTS (Actors, Writers, Authors, Painters, Sculptures, creators of music…etc) you are viewed as just killing time, indulging in a hobby, being lazy or not living up to your fullest potential.

My belief is that we are all here on ASSIGNMENT from GOD. HE has blessed each and every one of us with various gifts and talents. However, there is an assignment that you were sent here to share with the world on some level. Being the imperfect humans that we are, we place a value on each assignment but to God there of equal importance.

Think about this, some assignments may produce enormous wealth yet; no tangible wealth is attached to the assignment of others. However, they share equal value because the assignment comes from our creator.
Now when I say assignment, I’m referring to something very deep. You see, I connected with mine in the 7th grade. As a teen, I was fascinated with language and spent countless hours playing with words. It was in my 7th grade English class that my teacher assigned a lengthy creative writing project. The entire class was bombed but I was thrilled. I started thinking of words I could use to impress her.  And that I did. I came to understand as a 7th grader that regardless of my many life accomplishments; my assignment from GOD was to bring about enlightenment and a sense of empowerment with my written words.

Regardless, if the assignment generates minimal income or enormous wealth…the Power housed in the assignment is not reduced.

Reflect on this: If Writers and Authors put down their pens and turned off their lap tops, how would our world be directly impacted? How would your life be impacted? With out doubt you could forget about watching your favorite television shows, going to the movies; reading books, magazines and news papers. And let’s not forget about purchasing or down loading music. Also time spent at the theater and your local art galleries would cease to exist. So much of what we authors and writers do directly impact your life in ways you take for granted.

A word of advice from a writer on assignment…you may never comprehend the assignment of another because it’s not for you to grasp. GOD is not that simplistic. However, invest time in connecting with your own assignment. And when you make that connection, you will come to understand that true wealth and power is measured by something more profound than dollars and cents…it housed in each step traveled in ones journey!!!

We Writers, Authors, Actors and Music creators ROCK!!!

Love, Peace and Joy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Author Mary E. Gilder

Mary E. Gilder is the author of the award winning novel; A Misrepresentation of Myself. And her upcoming release, Even a Man Can Have a Broken Heart. Visit her website at:, email her at: or join Mary on face book and Twitter.

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