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Friday, November 6, 2020


 So many great messages in this film.

YES is all about not just living but making an impact. Even when things don't always turn out the way you hope, there are teachable moments that can be seen and felt.

For the character Patrick Nolan we see that things may not happen as planned, but you can still make an impact. The important thing is to not lose yourself along the way. If you can stay the courage you might be able to inspire someone like the character Jeremiah.

Love how through Patrick we are able to see how you can be flawed and still make an impact. It also shows that life's events can either define us or refine us. We just have to choose not to lose ourselves along the way.

The last part of the film I think really sums up so much about the entertainment industry and life. Patrick is told that he is still 'useful', something he struggles to see. Jeremiah also realizes that you have to be led by what you love if you aren't going to be broken by the uncertainty of the career you choose.

YES is about answering the call, affirming what you want and how you can keep moving forward even when things seem bleak. Is it all worth it? YES. Without a doubt the answer is YES.

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