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Sunday, November 8, 2020

[Book Chat] Audra Bush, co-author of THE POWER OF PAIN

by Cyrus Webb

2020 has been a difficult year for many, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Through all of the challenges there have been bright spots that have emerged, reminding us of what is possible. 

BlaqRayn Publishing  released a book this year called THE POWER OF PAIN featuring the real life experiences of Kneika Robbins, Audra Bush and Kenya Frazier. It allows the reader to see what they had to endure but also the road to a better place, reinforcing for us what is possible. 

In this conversation Audra Bush reveals a part of her experience and the lessons learned. 

Audra, thank you for the time. How did you decide to be a part of the project THE POWER OF PAIN?

I decided to be a part of this project through casual conversation with Kneika. This project brought us together to share our experiences and provide inspiration to others. She saw the vision and the idea took off from there.

Your collaborators are also being included in upcoming features by Conversations. How has knowing you’re not alone helped you in getting through the difficult times in life?

In life we never know what hand we are going to be dealt. This is a fact. However, it is up to us

how we deal with it. Some people choose to be bitter, blame, fold, or do the best they can with

the hand they have been dealt. I am grateful that God allowed these two lovely ladies to cross

my path. I realize that the only people worthy to be in my life are the ones that help me, and

the two of them did just that. They were my peace, they encouraged me, made me laugh, they

were empathic and they acknowledged every difficult situation when I was in some dark places.

There’s comfort in knowing that I have these ladies to pour into me when I am empty. It’s a

blessing to be able to release without fear.

It’s not easy to share your personal story with the world. What made you want to do it?

What made me want to share my personal story with the world is the fact that a lot of people

that I interacted with on a daily basis believed that I had it all together. I was able to suppress

my hurt and pain, but I struggled to feel joy. I found myself re-experiencing my childhood

trauma often, and this had a profound effect on how I was able to navigate through life daily. I

want to show people that trauma is not a life sentence and there is no trauma bigger than God.

Have you always known that writing was something you wanted to do?

The thought of writing never crossed my mind, because I never enjoyed writing. In the past I

wrote for school and for fun.

What has been the response from your part of the book?

The response that I have received from my part of the book has been a lot of dismay. For some

reason, since I am the youngest most people believed that I had a good life. In all honesty I did

because of my loving parents. They did everything in their earthly power to protect me and

keep the family together. The fact of the matter is that because of the love they had for all of us

and their stance when it came to their religious beliefs, most people can’t fathom how I

experienced so much trauma.

 For aspiring authors that are reading this what advice do you have for them with it comes to

pursuing their goal of publishing?

First and foremost, talk about it. I recommend connecting with someone who shares your

dream. I will also say write something that you would enjoy reading and set the standard high.

Finally, keep writing every day.

Social media is a big part of marketing these days. How has it benefited you?

For me social media has allowed me to share the information quickly with a large group of

people at once as well as make connections with acquaintances near and far.

When people finish reading THE POWER OF PAIN what do you hope they take away from it?

When people finish reading THE POWER OF PAIN, I hope they realize that in order to move

forward in life forgiveness is key. This is the first step. I want them to know that is okay to let go

of relationships with toxic family members. This can be a deeply painful decision especially

when it comes to family, but never feel guilty. We have every right to protect ourselves from those

who verbally, emotionally, and physically abuse us. Trauma is not something you get over

quickly, it takes time. Remember it’s not your fault, it’s your fate. As long as you have HOPE

you can make it.

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