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Thursday, November 12, 2020

BAHA MEN: Over 20 Years of Music and Memories (with More to Come)

by Cyrus Webb

 For over two decades the members of the group Baha Men* have been able to give us music that has gotten us to dance and helped to create memories that will last a lifetime. Though most of us know the group for their infectious single WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, there is definitely more to the ensemble than that as we discussed in this conversation.

I had a chance to interview Dyson Knight of the group some 5 years ago on Conversations LIVE the radio show. This year he returned with fellow member Rik Carey to discuss their journey, the memories and why they are excited about what’s to come.  

Rik, I’ll start this conversation with you. Over the years Baha Men has definitely stayed on the minds of so many music lovers around the world. What has it been like for you to be able to see the way the fans have stayed with you all over the years?

It's been awesome. I try to stay grounded. Going back to 2000, I would consider that era of career like a whirlwind. So much was happening so fast. I was new in this game. I was learning as much as I possibly could. I had a lot of great influences surrounding me.

And just to be able to see the decades past…it happened so quickly. I've been able to see the highs of the highs and the lows and the lows of the group. In spite of it all, we just still stick together. And when you see the catalog of music that we've been putting out, it's a certain consistency that a lot of artists haven’t been able to have throughout their career. I feel very fortunate and I'm thankful, and I can speak on behalf of the rest of the guys. They feel the same way. To be able to wake up in the morning and go to practice and to be able to perform the songs that the fans love and make music and be on stage and travel is a blessing.

 Dyson, I want to talk with you about something that Rik mentioned: the success you all have had as a group. Do you think that family atmosphere is what has kept you all together?

Absolutely. It's the type of family that wants everyone to win. The type of family where we respect each other's company. We are all allowed to speak our minds and give our input. We all believe in one another.  It's just a beautiful opportunity as everybody keeps learning from one another.


Rik, I think it goes without saying that when people think of Baha Men the song that everyone talks about is WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. Here we are now 20 years later. How does that feel to think that it's 20 years and this song is still talked about?

It’s bittersweet. I've had my reservations in the past. I still feel like I would like the world to receive the band for what we really truly are: a bunch of awesome musicians and artists. We are so much more than WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. During my travels I hear the song still playing in stadiums. It's still playing on certain stations. I'm getting more and more feedback online, more than ever before.

Totally understand that, and I think new music like the single TAKE A CHANCE will be able to show listeners a different side of you. Dyson, I'm going to follow up on Rik’s point, about the blessing and the curse.  The flip side is that many artists haven’t had nearly the success that you all have or created music that has made such an impact as WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. Is that part of the blessing for you, that at least you all have had that experience?

Without a doubt. I'm very thankful, I understand where Rik is coming from. As the newest member of the group I wasn't with the band in 2000 when they released it, but I've been able to travel the world and see the impact of it. I value the fact that the song is such a big hit. It gives us now the opportunity to introduce and to keep introducing new music to our audiences off of the love of WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. That is something I love to see on the faces of our live audiences, the response to the new and the old music.

 Dyson, what was it like for you to see how the new single TAKE A CHANCE has been received?

It's a magical experience. I mean, to go from hopping on a plane to Miami to meet up with the producers in a studio, to just brainstorm and then to say ‘Hey, what are we going to sing about?’, to hearing the music and ending up writing a song and then recording it. Then we shot the video and released it.

Now we’re having these tens of thousands of streams on Spotify. This is something that we just humbly created together. That's the powerful part about music and creators and the creative. So shout out to all the creators right now who continue to create new music for people to enjoy, because at a time like this it shows just how important entertainment is.

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* Photos by Jesi Cason 



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