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Friday, November 6, 2020

Rep Your City with Conversations: Jessica Bertulis of Los Angeles, CA

Conversations is excited to announce a brand new monthly feature: "Rep Your City". Created by one of our new Features Editor Herschel Dixon, "Rep Your City" allows you, the reader, to show where you live, what makes it special and why we should visit. 

Our debut feature is with Jessica Bertulis of Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Name:  Jessica Bertulis 

City/State:  Los Angeles, CA

How long have you lived in your city?  19 years 

What makes your city special for you?  Los Angeles is a place where dreams come true and there’s surprises around every corner if you are open to them. 

What is your city known for?  LA is known for it’s amazing weather year round.  We are also known for being able to access the mountains and ocean in a single day.  LA is also becoming recognized more for our food and art scene as well.  We’ve been having quite a renaissance in our downtown area and it’s very exciting.  LA was always very spread out with mini-cities all over and we are now finally seeing our downtown take a stand as the hub of this massive city.   

Any best-kept secrets in your city?  A lot of people don’t realize how much amazing hiking this city has.  Right in the middle of Hollywood you can access hiking trails for that quick access to nature.  LA is also very close to mountains and nature if you travel just outside of the city.   I highly recommend adding the Hollywood sign hike to your list of must-dos when you visit.  If you’re feeling really adventurous I recommend continuing your hike to the Tree of Wisdom.  It’s a lovely spot to have a reflective moment with an epic view of the City of Angels.    

Another secret that many don’t know is that there’s actually some great diving here in Los Angeles.  Catalina Island and The Channel Islands have incredible kelp forests that are truly a unique thing to experience and they are very easy to access.  I recommend diving in the spring and early summer when the water is still on the colder side.  The kelp forests don’t flourish in the warmer months when the water heats up a bit.  

Favorite Restaurant:  I LOVE BESTIA.  Bestia is an Italian restaurant downtown that is just amazing.  I highly recommend the bone marrow – I dream about it.   Make your reservation in advance.  Otherwise, my pro tip is showing up just before they open and being the first one in line to sit at the bar.  (Although, it may be different now with Covid.)  

Have a favorite “home away from home” in your city you can share?  I love going to Malibu and hanging at Paradise Cove which is a tiny little spot right on the water.  It always makes me feel like I’m on vacation and I just love how relaxing/ chill the vibe is there.  

Why should people visit?

LA is a really fun city that’s got a bit of something for everyone - Nature, art, shopping, film and TV studios, Disneyland & Universal theme parks.  You’re odds of running into someone famous are pretty high since there’s so many celebrities that live and work here.  That’s always a fun thing to complete your LA checklist.  It’s also a great place to rent a car and drive to other areas in So Cal.  We are 2 hours from San Diego Santa Barbra, Joshua Tree & Palm Springs.  Drive a little bit further north and you’re hitting wine country with the Paso Robles and Salvang.  Go further east and you’re in Las Vegas.  There’s an infinite amount of adventures and possibilities awaiting you here.

Want to Rep Your City with Conversations? Contact Herschel Dixon at with REP YOUR CITY in the subject line.  If chosen as a feature all “Rep Your City” features need a photo of the participant and can also include a picture from some place or something in the city they are representing. 

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