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Friday, November 6, 2020

[Book Review] Cayman Kelly Shares What It Takes to Rise and Thrive in New Book

 FROM $6 AN HOUR TO A MILLION DOLLAR DREAM is NOT a book of what-ifs. In it Cayman Kelly shares what it takes to not just rise and thrive. The importance of the proper mindset, having a strong why and then the faith and determination to see it through to the end is also stressed. The book pushes the reader to not just say what they want, but see if there actions are going to mirror their words.

I love how he discusses the importance of not just minding your surroundings but realizing how where you are can affect what you do. With a great analogy dealing with flowers in a vase of water he stresses how you can't just sit idly by and expect things to happen for you. Change encourages growth. And growing is something we should all want to do. 

Full of practical advice that allows us to join the discussion by writing our own story inside its pages, FROM $6 AN HOUR TO A MILLION DOLLOW DREAM gives us what we need to push on towards our goals. 

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