Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The December 2010 Issue Of Conversations Magazine Is Now Available

Cyrus Webb, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine, is pleased to announce that the December 2010 issue is now available. The magazine which began in April 2006 is back with more content, amazing contributors and a wider distribution.

"This is truly a labor of love for all of us," says Webb, 35. "The Conversations Magazine of today is so much more than what I started with four years ago, but its evolution is a gift that I think everyone will appreciate."

p.3 "Another Year To Get It Right" (Mary E. Gilder)
p.6 "Our Interview with author Nancy Taylor Rosenberg" (Cyrus Webb)
p.9 FEATURE: Actress/author/Entrepreneur Cherie Johnson (Cyrus Webb)
p.11 "Andrew Neiderman, Our Author of theYear 2010-2011" (Cyrus Webb)
p.14 Meet Chef Bruce Tretter of "Quick and Easy Cooking" on Conversations LIVE
p.15 "Our Interview with author Mikki Zimmerman" (Cyrus Webb)
p.17 "Our Conversation with author Michael Dillon Scott (Cyrus Webb)
p.19 Excerpt From "Burdens Do A Body Good" (Michele Howe)
p.20 "Monique's Success Inspire Up-and-Coming Designer To Dream Big" (Cyrus Webb)
p.21 Herschel D's Top 10 Earning Athletes of 2010
p.21 Stan da Man's Top 10 Recording Artists of 2010
p.22 Conversations' Top 100 Books of 2010
p.25 25 Recording Artists To Watch In 2011
p.26 BOOK REVIEW: "I Know What I Am and I Am Not What You Call Me" (Cyrus Webb)
P.26 DRIVEN: Supermodel Miquel Perdomo (Cyrus Webb)
p.28 AUTHENTIC: Bringing A Unique Sound and Flavor To Hip Hip (Cyrus Webb)
p.29 "New Endeavor by Tray Chaney Proves He's A JACK OF ALL TRAYS" (Cyrus Webb)
p.30 NICOYE BANKS: Living His Dream Everyday (Cyrus Webb)
p.32 PROFILE: Recording Artist Lora Pascarella (Cyrus Webb)
p.32 BOOK REVIEW: "New From The Inside Out" by Kim Vazquez (Cyrus Webb)

To get your copy of the December 2010 issue today for only $6.99 (shipping included), visit www.conversationsmag.com. You can also sign up for the 1 year (12-issue subscription for the low price of $24.99!

Beginning December 1, 2010 the December issue will be available for download as a pdf for only $3.50 at www.conversationsmag.com For more information about the magazine and how you can be involved, contact Cyrus Webb at cawebb4@juno.com or call Stanley Clark at 1.773.315.9286.

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