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Friday, December 23, 2016

Actor's Roundtable w/ Lauran de Winter, Jessica Lindsey Gilbert & Katt Balsan

(l-r: actors Lauran de Winter, Jessica Lindsey Gilbert and Katt Balsan)
by Cyrus Webb

We have all heard the saying that there is strength in numbers. When it comes to pursuing your goals and dreams that is so true, regardless what you are passionate about.

During my time in Los Angeles this year I had a chance to sit down with three actors who have not only been able to find success for themselves but have been able to encourage one another and show us all what is possible with hard work and faith. Lauran de Winter, Jessica Lindsey Gilbert and Katt Balsan sat down with me in what was their first interview together to discuss the importance of the work, how they stay true to themselves and why having others in your corner makes the journey even more rewarding.

Katt: It's been a fantastic journey. It's really about not giving up, and then meeting people along your journey with whom you can build your career.

Lauran: Anything you do in life you want to be with people who understand you. You want to surround yourself with good people that are like-minded with similar goals.

Jessica: I feel like sometime the industry can be very stressful, but there are so wonderful things about it a well. I love creating, getting to do something different in every role. It's also great to have really good support. In anything you want to do it helps to have people you really care about supporting you.

Katt: Since we all go through the same issues and obstacles, we have to have a strong faith. When you have a down moment you have others to help you through it. You can then be with them during their down moments. We all go through the exact same things.

Lauran:  Friends and family and doing things for the right reason keep me grounded. I have a strong faith. I know it's not about me.

Katt: (talking about the platform they have) We have the power to change things, especially if you're a public person. You get to have a voice, to serve your purpose. That's what it's all about to show others what they can do in their lives.

No matter what we find joy in this conversation with Lauran, Jessica and Katt remind us all that life is about the things you are able to do to help others and less about what others can do for us. We're all in this thing together. Stay connected with them through the following means:

Katt Balsan:

Jessica Lindsey Gilbert:  www.twitter.ocm/jlingilbert

Lauran de Winter:

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