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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sarah Centrella's #HUSTLEBELIEVERECEIVE Shares Tools to Get What You Want

by Cyrus Webb

When it comes to saying what you want and then going for it, Sarah Centrella is a perfect example of what is possible.

She was able to turn what was a devastating situation in her personal life into a brand where she is able to encourage people to #HBR (Hustle Believe and Receive) what they want in life, and in her book HUSTLE BELIEVE RECEIVE she shares not just the struggle but examples of how you can do the same thing.

"It's really emotional to get to the moment when you are living your dream," Sarah told me during our conversation together this year. She calls it the "intersection between what I knew would happen eventually and when it actually does." HUSTLE BELIEVE RECEIVE is not just one of my must-reads for 2016. It is a book that shares the importance of knowing what you want and then going for it, realizing that is the only way to ensure your dreams become a reality.

We're able to take the journey with Sarah through the book as well as that of others who we are introduced to. "I have not felt at any point that this was my book," Sarah says. "This is a movement that has organically grown with people who have been by my side when I wanted to quit." She has gathered an international tribe through social media who have taken up the message of #HustleBelieveReceive and made it their own. "The support has saved me in so many ways," she admits. That support was there even before the book was published, following her blog and taking the ride along with her through her documentary that she made about the experience.  "I knew I wanted to chronicle it all," she told me. "I really set out as my own case study. You can see it all and decide for yourself" if what she talks about works.

I resonated with this book in a big way, because I know what it's like to wonder what you're going to do with your life and if you are capable of turning a big idea into a reality. For Sarah it all began by embracing who she was and the unique perspective she had and sharing all that she was with the world. Beginning with a blog and then spiraling into a phenomena, she has been able to inspire men and women when it comes to going for what they want, speaking life into themselves and their vision and then doing the work necessary.

We can't forget the work. That's why #HBR begins with #Hustle. If you aren't going to do what is necessary, then what you #Believe will not be received. Only by doing your part can you expect to #Receive, and for Sarah that led her to places that others just dream about.

This can be your time, but you have to use the tools in order to make it so. This book is the beginning of that journey, and can be a constant reminder as to how difficult things might get there is nothing that can stand in your way if you choose to HUSTLE BELIEVE RECEIVE.

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