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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anthony C. Johns: Walking In Confidence Towards His Goals & Dreams

by Cyrus Webb

Model and actor Anthony C. Johns* is all about challenging himself to set goals, move past obstacles and showing others what is possible. He has traveled the world, worked with some of the best photographers in the industry, walked runways and amassed fans from around the world---and he is only just getting started.

When I caught up with him he was in the States taking a break from his whirlwind career and able to reflect a bit on the life he has been able to live. "I would say that my progress has been based on a spiritual foundation," he told me. On of the things that has helped him was the book THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE. "It really changed my aspect on what I can do, when I can do it and believing in myself."

The road has not always been easy though, but Anthony is no stranger to overcoming difficult situations. "I've been able to accomplish my goals through hard work and patience and going through rejection," he says. "It has made me a better person."

Anthony became interested in modeling and acting when he was just a kid. He says he has always seen the two as "a reflection of life." The emotional reaction that was generated appealed to him and seeing what you can create became a motivator. With the reward, however, has come the obvious challenge of just being thought of by how you look. "That's when it becomes pretty difficult for me," he admits, "when the titles come, and you have to live up to it." Though he says the compliments about his body can fuel the ego, he says he works hard to stay humble at the same time realizing how soon it can all be gone.

As with any art Anthony has come to see his body as his canvas, and that means he has to take care of it in order to be the best he can be in his industry. That also means being comfortable in his own skin and realize what he has to offer. "That was a major obstacle when I first wanted to do the business of modeling," he told me. "I was at a point in my life when I was comparing myself to other models. I learned to create my own self-representation by working on my mind, body and soul. "

Today he says he believes in confidence that begins within, and that confidence is what comes across in the work that he does. "My progress came through seeing myself improving in the way I lived, eat and balance life.  I saw myself grow by getting out of the box, doing jobs that are challenging, pretty much confronting what was an obstacle for me."

What Anthony has achieved is not just noticed by those who admire his work. He has become an inspiration for others, too. "I am a role model," he declared. "I am a person who has power," and he realizes that power is not just for him. "I wanted to use my gifts to help others. Those people have become my recipe to keep it going. I am making a difference. It's really not about me. It's a calling I must fulfill. If I'm doing this and I'm not helping other people then I am doing something wrong."

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* Photography by Ricky Day

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