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Thursday, July 27, 2017

POETRY: A Desert Rose by Ashley Love

A Desert Rose

A Desert Rose,
 I stand alone.
Adversity and hatred
Fill the space I once called home.

Freedom is not free.
For someone paid a price;
 Took a bullet, gave up their life.

Obsessed with self-satisfaction,
Our society is more of the problem,
Than the solution.
Many go to their graves with visions of greatness,
Never taking action.

More than the positive influence,
We are focused on the pursuance of acceptance
And preventing rejection.

So with hesitation,
we fear standing alone.
We don’t dare go against the popular vote,
 for what society says goes.

We divide ourselves into groups like we don’t belong,
 Instead of coming together as one to end the divide
They have had us buying into all alone.

We were born as one race,
We all bleed red,
 Then society get ahold of our beliefs
And tells us a whole nother story instead.

Your skin color determines your worth,
Your gender determines your ability,
Your size determines what you can and can’t do.
You age says you’re not smart enough;
You’re too young or too old.
Your childhood determines how far in life you will go.

We are living in a glass box,
 That society has placed around up.
They feed us all their lies and in this so-called FREE world,
 they’ve captured us.

Divided we go on living
Just as they figured we would,
Thinking we can’t change things ourselves,
Hoping one day someone else could.

It’s going to take more than a president
 To turn things around
It’s going to take us coming together as one
To silence societies unrelentingly hateful sound.

As A Desert Rose, I stand alone.
Lost in a word who says by their standard,
One person’s value is worth more than another.
My kids are looked at as less than me
Because of their skin color.

Are we seriously going to let this hoax continue on
For another day, year or decade?
Or are we going to come together
And stand up against the hate?

Oh the violence and pain we inflict upon ourselves,
That's just what they are hoping for.

We’ve created our own hell,
Right here on Earth,
Under societies watch.
We have become the problem,
Masking their intentions,
Their negativity penetrating our thoughts.

Our world is no longer,
Until we take control
Spreading light, life, love and laughter as far as it can go.

It takes tragedy to draw us near one another,
Instead we should daily be supporting
And caring for one another.

We are all her trying to make it day to day.
We don’t know what the future holds for each of us,
But we have got to get out of our own way.

So me,
A Desert Rose
I am not afraid to stand alone,
Through the adversities that are corrupting my home.

I stand here with the intention
To do something different,
To love all and do my part to impact lives
 Even when results aren’t instant.

I ask you today,
Are you going to be part of the solution?
Or stay part of the problem?

Will you take action
Or be part of the distraction?
Stand up with me
And be A Desert Rose.

by Ashley Love

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