Thursday, July 27, 2017

Model/Singer LeVelle Williams: Pursuing His Passion While Standing In His Purpose

Model and singer LeVelle Zachary Williams has seen success in his life because he has made the decision that his goals and dreams are worth pursuing. As he reflected over what he has accomplished he told Conversations recently that "It's been a blessing," to reflect on all that he has been able to do and what is ahead of him. "I never would have dreamed or imagined being here," he added, admitting the difficulties he has faced---but he feels fortunate to still be standing.

LeVelle came to the attention of Conversations' Cyrus Webb through Instagram where he has been just not sharing snapshots of his work but inspirational messages as well. When asked why the motivational messages were so important for him to share, LeVelle says that encouraging people "is the fuel that ignites my fire. Life is about encouraging other people, picking other people up when they are down."

While he understands the importance of building his brand online and showcasing his work he feels as though platforms like Instagram and Facebook have a larger purpose. "I use social media to uplift and inspire," he told Webb. "I try to use it as a tool to encourage. Social media has the ability to connect with people all over the world. I try to keep that in mind and go off what my heart feels."

Being honest, open and growing into his own skin has had other benefits for LeVelle.  "It has opened so many doors," he explained, helping him to connect with so many people. "It has helped me to grow as a human being." He told Webb he reminds himself that you have to keep it real, no one is perfect. He says as long as he keeps striving to be his best, however, he knows he is on the right track.

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