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Thursday, July 27, 2017

POETRY: Two Royal Halves by Joy Elan

Two Royal Halves

Your head, shaved from your mane
It's your domain
You're Samson; you cut your own hair and still had your strength
Full of thoughts and creativity, waiting to flow through your mouth when you speak
Your eyes, a beautiful brown
A shade I can't describe
Your lips, full and powerful
They amaze people because of the things you say
And bring people closer to you because of your smile
Or make them run away because you speak the truth
Your truth brings a person's true character out of the shadows
Your face is a golden brown
So pure and beautiful
Soft yet tough, a balance in the life you live
Your hands are strong
To protect yourself and others
And also to create and bring to life the thoughts you've created
Your chest and stomach, made of steel and gentle to feel
Your legs, muscular and dashing
Altogether you're a warrior, a king
Everything about you says leader and power
To know one day that I'll be joined with you
Brings a sense of light out of me
Revelations of my destinations
Past, present and future
Attracted to you
To rewrite history in the present time
Live the life of ancient kings and queens from lifetimes ago
You're the combined person that I've dreamed of
A person I thought didn't exist
You've been in my life all along
My grandparents represented you and I
A marriage that I've always honored
The signs were all there
And I'm aware of them
Only have to bring them to life
To show I'm worthy
I know who I am
A mind quick to learn and speak the truth
A body of a warrior goddess
Eyes to reflect and deflect what I'm thinking and feeling
Hands ready to fight although I don't
My mouth, tongue twisted because
My brain processes so fast that I want to speak everything into existence
Yet I hold back in case the wrong thought comes out
But the truth is never held back
My chest, safe for my child to run to
Because she remembers the nourishment it provides
My womb, strong enough to carry a warrior and royalty
And hips and thighs to support it
My legs are muscular for running
And going the distances that I'm destined to go
My hair is a mane also, to show my royalty and attract attention
I'll be sharing the throne with you
Two powerful yet peaceful people brought into existence
To show the world that there are generous people who want to help others
And they'll listen
Because we command attention and respect
They'll bow down to us
Because we've been living amongst them
To show how people can come from nothing
And get to the highest place
Only because they were destined to.

by Joy Elan

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