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Thursday, March 30, 2017

MODEL CITIZEN: Oren Freeman, Jr.

Conversations was introduced to 20 year old model Oren Freeman, Jr. through the popular site, and it was obvious he was on his way to achieving all his goals and being an example for others as to what was possible.

Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, he shared his thoughts about his beginnings, what keeps him inspired and his advice for others.

When did you first realize that model or acting was something you were interested in?
In 10th grade I told myself 'Wow I could really be doing what all the other models are doing.' I always pictured myself in a magazine, or on a billboard and even in commercials.

Oren, what is it that keeps you inspired towards pursuing your goals and dreams?
I keep telling myself that I can be a model and look the way I look. I stand out and I want to show people that being different is okay.

What are some of the goals you have for yourself in 2017?
Inspire myself and others, become more independent, and travel the world.

How has social media helped you in sharing your gifts and talents with the world?
Its shown me how we as people believe a certain image is a way to live, however, it’s not. Being creative and being yourself is what really matters.

What advice would have you have for anyone—regardless of their profession—when it comes to pursuing their own goals?
I would say actually doing the goal, and focusing on what you want in life.

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