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Sunday, June 4, 2017

ODD BIRDS by Ian Harding (Book Review)

by Cyrus Webb, Top 300 Amazon Reviewer

Before reading ODD BIRDS I only knew Ian Harding as an actor. Now I have a better appreciation of not just him but what inspires him as a human being.

The book takes us down some interesting roads: one being his love of enjoying nature and doing what he can to help those in need when and the road to doing what he loves in his career and those who have been with him along the way. I love how his experiences with birds show us also how he has been able to deal with his experiences in life. There is no "one way" to handle a situation when it comes to doing things that can help others or even benefit ourselves. What Ian shares is the importance of DOING, trying to help those who can't help themselves: be it birds or people.

He is also an example of why it is important not to lose yourself in the work that you do---or take yourself too seriously. We get a snapshot into his family and how they have helped him stay grounded and focused on what matters. We as readers are also challenged to take his lessons and apply them when it comes to our own situations in life.

A book that is inspiring, funny and just run to read, ODD BIRDS reminds us to embrace our own unique ability to impact the world.

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