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Monday, December 17, 2018

Author Lisa W. Beckwith: Choosing to Enjoy L.I.F.E. Fearlessly

by Cyrus Webb

FOOD FOR L.I.F.E. (Lasting Impressions Forever Enjoyed) by author and speaker Lisa W. Beckwith was chosen as one of Conversations' Top Non-Fiction Books of 2018 and for good reason. It takes us into the "courses" of the author's journey and how what she has learned can help the reader to enjoy as they are going through their own daily life.

Talking with the author about the book, however, reveals that she had no plan of being as open when she began writing it. "I wasn't expecting all of the attention that is coming with the book," she admitted, but then added "I now that it is time for me to share my story and hope that it inspires others."

That is the encouraging thing about FOOD FOR L.I.F.E. Yes it shares a part of the author's story, but it is really a reminder for the reader of what they can achieve. "Sitting down and just reflecting is powerful," Lisa says. "I know that being transparent is important for people to feel comfortable. I needed to be as open about who I am and things that I was challenged with as possible. Moving from one stage of life to another can be scary. My transition happened through my children. In those transitional moments you are shifting into a newer person than you once were. You learn the stages as you go along."

Yes difficulties can happen to all of us, but Lisa wants you to know that they don't have to stop you. "Life can get out of whack," she says, but she has learned the importance of "moving forward in spite of the challenges.

"My strength comes from my Creator,"she told me. "Life is a journey. Through it all you have to tap into what will give you the strength to get through it." Part of that for her has been surrounding herself with what she calls "effective, powerful energy". That good association, she says, is key.

"When storms of life come you are able to stand," Lisa says. "The hardest part is letting your children go. We are not alone.We are here to share. When we share then the fear of not being able to move forward vanishes. At the end of the day we all are human and go through things, and we're here to support each other."

The truth is that no matter how much faith you have fear can still come. How has Lisa dealt with it? "Fear will stop you from doing anything," she says. "You have to face that and know that it is real. It's not always a bad thing to have fear. It just means that it's something new that you're tapping into. I had to just trust and have faith in my journey, in my Creator and myself. We have to break through some chains and some barriers. It's okay to be afraid. You can figure it out and be an encourager for somebody else."

Looking at fear that way brought freedom for Lisa. "I felt there was liberty out there for me. I could get ready for what's new and explore. God is unlimited. Why am I limiting myself?" This is true even when it comes to people trying to tell her how she should walk on her path. "I'm respectful of other's opinions, but not depending on other's thoughts and ways. I have to trust my inner ways. If I do make a mistake it's okay. All I can do is learn from it."

At the end of the day Lisa sees FOOD FOR L.I.F.E. as a book less about her world and more about it being a resource for others to see how they can get the most out of life. If it does that, she says, then it was worth the vulnerability of writing it.

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