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Saturday, July 27, 2019

'Don't Be Afraid to Adjust!' Advice from Actor/Musician/Photographer Benjamin Patterson

by Cyrus Webb

One of the individuals who have been a regular on Cyrus Webb Presents the web-series as well as Conversations LIVE radio show is Benjamin Patterson.

He's an individual who has been able to showcase his creativity and skills as an actor, musician and photographer.Most recently he has been thrilling fans of the hit show GREENLEAF on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

During our last chat in Los Angeles I asked him about two things: discovering his passion and defining success. What he has to say is something all of us can benefit from!

Ben on his journey: "It's been an interesting ride. On one hand I can look at the progress I've made and say 'I started off here and now look at what I've been able to do'. As a musician I listen to my own work, and now I can create stuff and say it's pretty good. Every day is about wanting to be better, wanting to be current and wanting to be unique."

Ben's idea of success: "#1 it's changed because I have a son. Wanting the big house and the nice car has been replaced with wanting a nice school and the best for my son. It shifts. It's like climbing in an airplane on a cloudy day. You have to adjust."

What I learned from our conversation was the importance of reflecting on where we were and now where we are, making sure we are headed forward and not backwards. I also appreciated the importance of realizing that success is personal and relative to the purpose. May we all keep moving forward towards our goals and not be afraid to adjust along the way. 

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