Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Khloe Kardashian: Proving that Success in Life Is the Best Revenge

by Cyrus Webb

Reflecting on the 16 years of Conversations LIVE the radio show and the 13 years of Conversations Magazine I knew I had to reshare this profile of Khloe Kardashian* from 2017.

At the time she was celebrating the debut of her own show REVENGE BODY WITH KHLOE KARDASHIAN on E! and her partnership with Protein World, helping to encourage and motivate others towards their own personal greatness.

For those around the world looking to make 2017 the year of their best self, Khloe and Protein World were introducing their 30 Day Challenge. "My biggest piece of advice is to remind ourselves that we all have to start somewhere," says Khloe. "I also love that someone once told me you can't get it all in one day." That is a reminder that all of us have to remember as we are setting our goals for the year.

As she continues to set and pursue her own goals, Khloe offers some tips to everyone about what they should do when it comes to themselves and what they want to achieve.

 "Anything worth having is worth fighting for," she says. "When you hurt the most, when your mind is drained, these are the moments when you must persevere. Only then will you transform mind, body and soul. What brings me the greatest satisfaction is setting out a goal and actually achieving it. I was always told that I could never be a certain size or that I could never look a certain way and that really got to me." She has learned the value of not comparing herself to anyone else but being the best that she can possibly be.

*     Photos of Khloe Kardashian shot by Mike Rosenthal and provided by Nike Communications.

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