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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

[To You, From Me] Doing It Afraid

Change can be scary. Starting something new can be a challenge. I know this all too well. When I started hosting Conversations LIVE radio show in July 2003 I had no idea where it would go or quite honestly if it would last. Up until that point I had started making a name for myself as a poet, artist and speaker, but would my relative success follow me to the airwaves? I really didn't know. The only thing I could say for sure is that I knew it was something I had to try. If I didn't then I would always have the regret.

Now at the time of my writing this letter to you I have interviewed over 8,820 guests on the radio show, hundreds for my web-series (and now TV show) Cyrus Webb Presents and featured hundreds in the pages of Conversations Magazine since 2006. All because I took a risk and was willing to do it even though I was afraid and unsure of the outcome.

I get it. You might think it's easy for me to tell you to go for that dream, tackle that obstacle and keep going even though you get knocked down. The truth of the matter is that I CAN tell you to, because I have done it. I have experienced the highs, the lows but never EVER did I think about quitting. I knew I had been given something that was supposed to be shared, and I was and still remain committed to it.

This issue of Conversations Magazine not just profiles some of the biggest interviews of my 16 years hosting Conversations LIVE and the 13 years publishing Conversations Magazine. It represents you, the individuals who have been with me along the way and seen how year by year we have grown, evolved and stayed committed to bringing you the very best.

Enjoy this issue. Take to heart the encouragement. And no matter what comes your way stay committed to your own goals and dreams, even if at times they are scary. 

Happy reading!

Cyrus Webb

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