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Monday, April 5, 2021

Entrepreneur and Author Clifton McKnight talks life, overcoming challenges and helping others along the way

by Cyrus Webb

Having known Clifton McKnight for a number of years, I can attest to the fact that he is a man of purpose, passion and principal. His book IF YOU CAN'T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES gives you a glimpse into the lessons he has learned and what he hopes you are able to glean from them when facing life's challenges. 

That is just the way Clifton is: always looking out for others, wanting to add value. In this conversation we talk about how he got where he is today, the importance of helping others and how financial stability is something everyone has a chance to achieve if they're willing to do the work. 


Clifton, so glad we have this time to catch up and share your story with our readers. I first got to know you because of your inspirational book IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES. Have you always known that you have been meant to inspire others?

Cyrus, I can say I have always desired to encourage.  Being encouraged was always good for me and it always felt good to me so I wanted to spread it.  

Life has a way of shifting for us all. What has helped you to ride the waves that life throws? 

The inspiration for Chapter 4 in part and Chapter 5 more directly was born out of this question.  The short answer is Prayer, People and Perspective. When the waves are choppy, we can consider what actions we need to take.  We step out of ourselves to gain more perspective, to consider our problem in a way that perhaps is less alarming or concerning.  

It also can help a situation by appreciating another's vantage point .  If the waves are a bit more violent, we can talk to people who have our best interest at heart.  Sometimes we seek out those who are wise or knowledgeable or just who will listen. Perhaps it is so we can hear ourselves, we can just get it out and really look at it.

Now, when the clouds, the winds and the waters are very dark and ominous, when we are completely overwhelmed, then we discern the need to connect on a spiritual level, to take our minds off of ourselves and our problems, serving others while seeking divine guidance peace, grace and love.  This is actually where we could have begun.  Isn't it written "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

 After the year we had in 2020 many people are looking for ways to adjust and to stay afloat. You have also made adjustments. Talk with us about it. 

Cyrus, one might say I have been knocked around quite a bit over the years and 2020 certainly was no exception.  I dare say many of us if not all contend with sometimes overwhelming challenges.  Many centered around one theme, "loss." Whether loss of loved one(s), loss of finances, foreclosure,  bankruptcy, loss of confidence, loss of others' confidence in us, loss of reputation, loss of relationship, in these days in particular, we add loss of health, and confidence in our systems, loss of employment or business failure.  The list goes on.

I frame it quite differently, though.  I acknowledge being knocked around, mind you.  But the truth is I suggest we are blessed with being knocked "ON course." Over the years I had pursued real estate investment quite successfully for a time, while working in service of others as a counselor and professor, conducting live workshops, keynotes and more.  When it all at its foundation seemed to shake and shudder and even shatter.  I tell you, it felt very much like travelling, "through the valley of the shadow of death." What it did was it opened my spirit to look at new possibilities.  

I reentered the world of voice acting, an area I had been encouraged to pursue for decades but only had stuck my toe in and retreated from a decade before.  I did not see how I could pursue this with so many other competing priorities. 

I did not feel I had the luxury of taking time to learn something new, then in a few years maybe make a few more dollars.  "The hole is too deep." Here I had just "retired", walking away from what grew over the years to be a six figure income so I could retrieve my retirement account to rebuild my assets only to lose much of that.  

I endeavored to learn about FOREX, foreign exchange, and more.  I enrolled in IM Academy.  For a little under $250 and a monthly subscription fee that I could pay from profits or even have waived by referring a couple of others, IM  Academy offers systems and technologies to help me earn as I learn to trade in the market with as much as 80 to 90% accuracy.  It helped uplift my entire outlook, in the midst of turbulent times. 

Forex is something that a lot of us have heard about or seen posts about on social media. I have to admit I know very little about it. Talk with our readers about what it is and why it appealed to you?

Forex or FX, refers to foreign exchange, the global currency market.  Anyone who has travelled to another country has had to exchange their currency with the currency of the country they visited.  

The value of money in one country is paired with strength of another currency around the world and positions regarding it's current position and what direction it is heading.  This is a multi-trillion dollar marketplace which greatly exceeds the more popular stock market, and it is no wonder most of us are unfamiliar with it, because it was previously only available to those with over a million dollars plus in income and assets.  

 With the advent of international retail brokers, anyone can participate.  Some people fund their account with a couple of hundred or a thousand dollars and some with as little as $50.  You can enter a trade with as little as 10 cents!  And in this market, you can make a great deal of money in minutes.  

You can also lose more than you initially invest so you want to understand the mechanics of a trade.  It is reported that 75% of investors lose money.  So I aligned with an academy where I can learn from seasoned, successful traders who make hundreds of thousands and those who make millions of dollars trading in this market.

 Even seasoned investors join the academy to access the tools and insights these masters provide.  It is a game changer. 

Helping others has always been something you enjoyed. Did you see the work with Forex as another way of being able to do that?

Directly, Cyrus.  At first I needed to see it work.  As soon as I did, it seems that all I can think about are those who have had to endure the setbacks and challenges of these days and times and those who are in the midst of personal devastation.  IF YOU CAN'T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES: HOW TO SUCCEED IN TURBULENT TIMES was written to help people through.  Now I could help them through financial devastation or just help them grow or create a financial legacy.  

It’s not easy to start anything new. What about for you? Was it easy for you to introduce your business with others?

Cyrus, I was working on my on rescue here. The thought of talking to others about it was not even a consideration, at first.  I just wanted to balance my budget and see a future and leave a legacy.  Since it is never required, I liked that I could earn unlimited amounts of money without telling a soul...  I could learn and copy trade signals.  

I am not afraid of risk, but I hate the feeling of being "taken."  Whether we realize it or not life is full of risks.  Once I started trading, I would take baby steps. But when I experienced earning what to me was quite significant in a session trading the same pair, I knew there were people who could benefit.    

Still, I am reminded that we have all tried stuff that was not successful for us, stuff that may have worked for others but still eluded my greatest efforts so there may understandably be a reticence, even a fear to try again. I explored a bit and saw people of all ages, including a youngster whose mother watched a few videos and listened to an expert and I don't know the details but I imagine they copied a trade and her son had a very successful trading experience.

On the business-building side, Cyrus, I know of people in their 20s literally earning more in a month than I had earned in 10 years, not just because they knew a lot of people but  because they were willing to share with someone else who was willing to try or who understood how to use social media.  There is no requirement.  I could stop at any time! 

Social media is a must for us these days. You and I have discussed that in our personal conversations. How has it helped you in connecting with your audience?

Big blessings to you, Cyrus, for encouraging me about reconnecting on social media.  I have had a lapse in my social presence.  You reminded me that I only need to persist with some level of consistency to reach out to people who can benefit from my journey. Thank you for that.  

I don't have to try to force anyone.  I pray that they overcome their fear and their pain which may have occurred in the past but tends to cling to the now as if it is still so today.  So I do tend to reach out, encourage them to join me so they can see the miracle gifts of  the present.  Past experiences can be paralyzing. Been there and on occasion still go there.  Sometimes, we take action anyway.  I empathize.  I inform.  If I can, I inspire.  I will  follow-up and follow-through, but it is not out of desperate need but out of love.  I am already experiencing my blessing. If they see it for them, praise God.  If not, praise God.  I just want them to have the same success or better, if they are willing.  

Thanks for the time, Clifton. How can our audience stay connected with you and get more information. 

Cyrus, I am on Facebook "Clifton McKnight Motivision" and Instagram.  "IF YOU CAN'T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES" has a Facebook page.  I am also available on WhatsApp and my google voice for text is 7048029283.  

Thank you for the privilege of addressing your audience.  


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