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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mary's Motivational Message: Soul Mate Friends

During the month of July 2010, I initiated Girl Friends Appreciation Month as a means of embracing and celebrating the beauty housed in the soul of these remarkable relationships.

Very few things annoy me however, when I hear women speak in negativity about our inability as women to have healthy and loving friendships I cringe. I cringe because I know without doubt, that perspective is far from the truth. How many times have you heard these words stated as unchallengeable facts: Women cannot be trusted, you are better off just keeping to yourself, all women do is gossip and keep up ciaos. By all means don’t have them around your “BOO” and if there being nice, they must want something!!!

Well, let me tell you about the beautiful women GOD has placed within my life. They represent various cultures, ethnicities and ideologies. But most importantly, they are extremely positive. Even when they did not have children, they found the time to celebrate mine with Love, Encouragement and Endless Support. They love me and I them. In addition, they encourage me, they motivate me and they extend to me their wisdom. Check this out, as a collective force we hold each other up, we have learned numerous life lessons from each other, we display the utmost respect, we don’t always agree but we agree to disagree and they have integrity.

Within my circle, all except for a few have been connected for numerous years; many since high school. And when we met there was one common denominator, there was this instant connection. There was no doubt or fear. However, there was this level of unbelievable comfort. Have you ever met someone and immediately you felt as though you had known them for a lifetime? I believe in “SOUL MATE FRIENDS”.

What I’m expressing to you is that there has been no conflict; no drama and no disrespect…just LOVE. If you and the women within your life constantly: Argue, Gossip, Fight, Disrespect each other, Lack trust, Dwell in utter confusion, Envy each other and Display jealousy and this is reflected in all of your relationships; please stop casting stones at others and ask yourself, “why am I attracting such dysfunction” and “why am I maintaining it within my life.” Perhaps, it’s time to start issuing pink slips because life is just too short for non-sense.

For those of you blessed with SOUL MATE FRIENDS, let them know just how much you LOVE and APPRECIATE them; for I truly believe that we learn out greatest life lessons from each other while being an example of God’s love. And as you journey through yet another month, set aside time to Celebrate and reflect on the dynamic women GOD has placed within your life, to add to your journey.
Love, Joy and endless…Peace, Remember that we women ROCK!!!
Mary E. Gilder-Author of, A Misrepresentation of Myself

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