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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Write Stuff: Author Kenny L. Mitchell

With three books already released and more to come, author Kenny L. Mitchell is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to his literary career.

A proud FreedomInk author he sat down with Conversations' Cyrus Webb while in Pearl, MS and talked about the experience of being published and what he hopes readers get from his characters and what they experience.

Webb began by asking Mitchell what it was like for him to bring Regina Washington's story to life. "It's been a wonderful experience," Mitchell told him. Webb also wanted to know what it was like as a man to be able to showcase a wide variety of feelings through the characters. "The thing about men," the author answered, "is that at a young age we aren't really taught to show our emotions. We need to know how to express ourselves. It takes a certain amount of strength, vulnerability and courage to put your feelings out there in the first place. "

When it comes to what's called the LOVES ME NOT series (Beautiful, Broken Me, The Purge and Miracles & Blessings) the author revealed that it wasn't initially a trilogy. The decision was made by the publisher and the author to break it up, making it easier for readers to digest and to keep their attention. "You want to leave your audience wanting more," Mitchell explained.

When it comes to telling stories, it almost seemed inevitable for the author. "In my family we've always used spoken narrative to get our point across," says Mitchell. "If I tell you a story that illustrates a point you will not only remember it but pass it down as well. We were built on telling stories. Nothing will ever take the place of that."

In the LOVE ME NOT series we see the main character go through a physical, emotional and spiritual journey, but Mitchell says that it is necessary for all of us. "Some of the greatest stories that are ever told are taking the characters on a journey. You have to go through the dark times before you actually evolve as a human being." In Mitchell's view it is important that you struggle, but the reward always comes afterwards. "Everything in life has a reason and a season," he says. "When you're in your season nothing can stop you."

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