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Friday, December 6, 2013

THE WRITE STUFF: Author Phoenix

by Cyrus Webb

When author Phoenix got the first shipment of her debut novel ANYBODY'S SOMEBODY (published by FreedomInk) she just couldn't keep it to herself. "It was a phenomenal experience, one unlike I've ever known before," she told Conversations' Cyrus Webb during their sit-down in Pearl, MS. "The books came...I was in my pajamas and I immediately brought out my camera and had to take a picture of it because I was so proud of it."

And Phoenix has every reason to be proud. The book, one of Cyrus Webb's favorite of the year, is a powerful release by a first-time author. It's one that the author dedicated to women, the very inspiration before the book.

When asked when she knew she wanted to write ANYBODY'S SOMEBODY the author relayed this story: "It was about 2011...Shortly after college I ad already been doing poetry and had been getting my voice out that way, but women had a story to tell. I would interview them about how they feel and what stories they wanted to get out there." Phoenix would then put them in a poem. Out of that collection Anybody's Somebody was born. "I wanted to get their voices out there in novel form," she says, and that is exactly what she has accomplished..

The book takes you into the personal experiences of best friends Karrine and Mia. Webb asked Phoenix about the decision to tell the girls' story in first person. She told him it was a way of making it more personal for the reader and allow thing to go through the situations right along with the characters.

Though erotic in nature, the book focuses heavily on the themes of friendships, being your best self, knowing your worth and more. "I wanted to touch on everything that a woman in this day and age is going through," says Phoenix.

Her message to men and women? "You were made for a reason. You can't be anybody's somebody... Know your self-worth and where you're going in life... Don't go out there and give yourself away."

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