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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Actor Eltony Williams: Staying in the Zone, Watching His Dreams Come True

by Cyrus Webb

For many people their purpose is something they run from, but for actor Eltony Williams he has learned that in order to experience the highs you must be willing to take the entire ride.

For over a decade he has been seen bringing characters to life. co-starring on some amazing shows, but in 2014 he made a name for himself playing Randal on the hit show Tyler Perry's IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG on the Oprah Winfrey Network, opening (and closing) the season with a bang. Talking about the experience, Eltony told me that "Every time you step on set it's like the first day of school," but with his IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG family he says "it becomes a family. The process was very natural and fun."

What is it about acting that spoke to Eltony? "There's something about being able to tell a story and live the life of a character," he told me. "It's an incredible experience." He says when you are in the zone it's easy enough to bring the best of yourself to every role.

Eltony remembers what it was like to watch the first episode with the cast, after filming an episode a day for Season One. "To see it come to life on the screen for the first time was a really surreal experience," he says. He went on to share that landing the part of Randal on the show came at just the right time in his life and career. "There are so many times when you want to stop," he explains. A show like this proves this for the actor: "You put in the work for years and then He (God) says it's time to pay off. "

Outside of seeing the joy from his fans is the knowledge that he is encouraging others along the way. His advice to them? "The dreams you have you can follow them, and they can come true."

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