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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tani of Ink Bottoms: Turning A Dream Into a Stylish Reality

by Cyrus Webb
Tani had every reason to give up on her dream. She a mother of three, works full-time and had people tell her it would never work, but three years later she is still high-stepping in her vision and seeing the work put into INK BOTTOMS pay off.

"I couldn't have imagined it in a million years," she told me as we discussed the journey that began for her in 2012. Thanks to social media and word of mouth she is building a brand that is not just proving that hard work pays off but that allows women to look good in a stylish yet affordable way.

"I've been a shoe lover since I was a little girl," Tani explained. "I wanted an affordable shoe that would allow me to not just step out in style but wouldn't cost a fortune. When I couldn't find what I wanted, I decided to created it myself."

That was the birth of INK BOTTOMS: a shoe that looked good but was affordable for all. For Tani it's not just a pair of shoes. "Fashion to me is art," she says. "I'm in it because this is what I love to do." She says he best expresses her feelings and emotions through fashion.

Though things are going well now that doesn't mean there won't moments where fear tried to creep in and stop her. "At one point I said I can't do this," she confessed. "I said to myself 'Who am I?'" Regardless of the doubt and even the naysayers Tani says she found the strength and the courage to push forward. "I decided not to let anyone stop me."

And shoes for women is just the beginning. Already Tani is working on more of the brand including a line for men. "You can't let anyone stop you from pursuing your dream," she says. "If you surround yourself with negativity everything will crumble, including your business. You have to be strong, stand tall and believe in yourself."

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