Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Actor Tray Chaney Shows Support For Fellow "Wire" Star

Realizing that friendship is something that endures the good and bad times, actor/author/recording artist Tray Chaney is speaking out on behalf of his friend and fellow "Wire" co-star Felicia "Snoop" Pearson. Pearson has been in the news recently after being arrested for allegedly providing substantial amounts of money to a large-scale heroin organization.

Actor, author, and recording artist Felicia Pearson; best known for her break-out role on HBO's celebrated docu-series The Wire, was taken into custody along with 63 others in Baltimore City, Maryland on Thursday March 10, 2011. A Joint Task Force of city, state and federal agencies arrested all including Ms. Pearson with "Conspiracy To Distribute Heroin" and "Conspiracy - Possession With Intent To Distribute Heroin".

As the news spread of Ms. Pearson's arrest, there has been an outpouring of well wishes from her industry colleagues and friends who know her best. Actor, author, former-cast member of The Wire, and good friend Tray Chaney spoke out this week saying the following: "It's always sad to see someone you love and respect going through a trial in life, but it's even more hurtful when the character you might play as an actor is seen as being your reality. Snoop has my support as she goes through this difficult chapter in her life, but I know she is strong and will continue to do what she does best: survive. Since the show, we have had the pleasure of working together on other projects, and she has been nothing but dedicated to her craft and her community. I look forward to working with her again."

For more information about this case, contact Ms. Pearson's lawyer Paul Gardner of the Gardner Law Group at 443.625.9313. To find out more about Tray Chaney and his upcoming projects, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also follow him at

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