Conversations Mag's Dec./Jan. 2021 Issue

Conversations Mag's Dec./Jan. 2021 Issue

Saturday, November 7, 2020

[To You, From Me] 3 Reasons Why NOW Is the Perfect Time

Going into the final months of 2020 many people are just waiting for the time when things are going to be "right" for them to do the things they have been wanting to do. I get it. This is NOT the year many planned on, but as I have said before it is the year we have. Instead of waiting for a time in the future, I want to share with you 3 reasons why NOW is the perfect time to start on the path that can lead you to where you want to go. 

  1. IT'S THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: The main reason why this is the perfect time for you is because there is less competition. Think about it: The majority of those around you are "waiting", right? That is why if you make the decision today to start that project or business you have an opening to fill before things get crowded again. 

  2. THE COST OF ENTRY IS LOW: If this time has shown us anything it is the power of the free tools right at our fingertips, namely social media. With the main cost just being your time and energy, the world is literally in front of you. All you have to do is reach out to them.

  3. TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED: I have personally lost friends this year, individuals who had no idea that this would be the year their lives ended. With that said all of us have to be reminded of our mortality. We can't afford to wait for a time that we don't even know we will have. 
In this issue of Conversations Magazine I am excited to present individuals who are making the most of the moment in front of them. They are blazing a trail in their respective industries as well as showing by their perseverance that they are overcomers, not victims. 

My hope is that you are inspired by them and what they have achieved and realize what is possible for you. 

Remember there is no time like the present. The time to act on your goals, dreams and ambitions is NOW. 

Happy reading!

Cyrus Webb, Editor-In-Chief
Conversations Magazine/Mississippi Success Magazine 

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