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Sunday, February 28, 2021

[BOOK REVIEW] In JUST AS I AM Cicely Tyson shares her highs, lows and lessons that have made her who she is

 This book has so many amazing layers that allow us to see how Cicely Tyson got to be the powerful force that she is today. JUST AS I AM fills in the blanks of not just her career highs but how even life's low points help to reinforce what she could do and who she could become. 

We get a look at her beginnings, how she learned from her mother the importance of standing up for what matters. She later recounts how dealing with betrayals in her own relationships reminded her of what her parents had taught her and why it was so important to put yourself first. 

When discussing her career she allows us to see how culturally impactful works like ROOTS were bigger than just entertainment. It was a message about the importance of endurance and identity. 

Ms. Tyson also allows us to see the importance of taking care of yourself and realizing that as long as you are here you have work to do, so it's up to us to get about doing it. 

With life lessons and inspiration dripping from each chapter, JUST AS I AM shares Ms. Tyson's highs, lows and lessons that have made her who she is: a force that is impacting individuals around the world.

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