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Sunday, March 7, 2021

TAKE TEN with Author/Thought Leader Floyd Williams

by Cyrus Webb

For eight years I have watched the journey that Floyd Williams has been on, and every time we connect he has something new that he has experienced and shared. At the end of 2020 we reconnected to share what he has been up to and what's to come. 

For years now, Floyd, you have been sharing your discoveries and things you have learned with the world. What has it been like to see the response?

This question for me speaks not only to seeing but feeling. The entire experience has been truly beyond words. Simultaneously conceivable and inconceivable. You know, mentally I can see it. Yet, at the outset of my journey it never was an initial thought. I just wanted to share and was really seeking to transcend the mundane. Orienting self with purpose and what I identified as my special place in the universe. I always felt my sense of purpose for incarnating was to serve and elevate vibration of planet, along with man's consciousness. To literally see it is euphoric, fulfilling, soul satiated, and encouraging.

 That is what it is about touching lives and making a difference. For me it is a labor of love. To be able to touch one life, to be able to reach one person makes it all worthwhile. Yet, to know you have touched hundreds, thousands, and more is humbling and moves me to continue moving in the spirit of my life, being only a symbol and sacrifice. It is solely from the people I receive empowerment. And it is to the people I say thank you. All of those reaching that one person.

When did you first realize you had something special in you?

I would say at an exceedingly early age it became clear. Especially in elementary school at Carnivals for drawings and elsewhere.  I always felt different and was not part of a crowd. Early on I heard things such as I was to be a minister or a calling on my life. Of course, during this period, I was not receptive of it or clear on how I wanted to leave my mark. 

Have you always been a curious person?

Yes! I have always been a curious being and imaginative. I had an attraction to words even though growing up I had a speech impediment. I have always had an attraction to art, and was amazed by phenomena of life by way of primary objects in the sky: the sun, moon, and stars. 

I would describe my curiosity as a natural inclination of why? Why does it work? The mechanics and metaphysical. For me curiosity was the fuel and wonderment the spark. The wonderment eventually becomes the drive. The wanting to know more or the reaching of new understanding to realize "hey I know nothing at all!" It keeps you going. Still to this present day my endearing mother repeats stories of looking for me in the neighborhood as a little boy who would wonder around. And how one time she found me at neighbor's home. And to her dismay she told me I had managed to get my big wheel and self over the fence. I would certainly describe myself as curious to say the least.

Through your books you have discussed issues like race, empowerment and spirituality. Was it an easy decision for you to share your thoughts with the world?

It was an easy decision for me to share it with the world. In fact, I came to deeply feel as if I were groomed for it. Even though a lot of my experiences were not easy. What allowed me to share was my interpretation of greatness through service. Early on my father baptized me in his altruistic spirit and sowed seeds in me to revere those who built their life on sacrifice. My father loved history and loved Black History even more. One of the core understandings I fashioned myself on was the only way to worship God is through care and maintenance of people and earth. Whatever we are bestowed with we are only functionary fiduciaries and the means of receiving is all measured on the giving. 

Knowledge is likened to the sun; it is not just for one man. Being a Black male whom honors African history pre-slavery to the present and roots tied to reading being proscribed, me being in special education in elementary school, overcoming prison, all were sources of empowerment and made it easy for me. It allowed me to understand the importance of breaking cycles. We are only reflections of one another's potential. So, it was especially important for me to share so that others who mirror me can see their full potential. I deem the greatest way to elevate ancestors is by breaking cycles and speaking truth. One of my favorite movies is A Wrinkle in Time and in its Ms. Which said, " some of our greatest fighters come from earth." I believe that! 

I think one of the big things I have seen from you is that you are not afraid to look for ways to help others, either in person or online. Why is that so important to you?

Because someone shared with me and it must be paid forward. Each one teach one. And often that is all it takes, is just a little help. Just speaking to someone can possibly restore their faith in humanity. For me it is a means of having internal peace and just being rooted in purpose. One thing I refuse to be is charged with dereliction. So, my only success lies in sharing. The vibration of my message the earth is attuned for and so is man during this healing process we are presently in. 

The connection between the mind and the body is something you have explored. Talk with us a bit about what you have discovered about the connection.

All that exists is energy, and man is a crystal. Man is the most diverse energy system there is. There is not any technology comparable to man’s nervous system. I describe as a crystal because all matter is light or energy which has become crystalized. In essence we are no more than atoms, photons, and like crystals we are only various lattices of light. 

Being on earth has granted all of us the chance of witnessing the greatest artist and mind of the phenomena of creation. The three creative forces of the creator or world is intention, thought, and will. In all the sacred text from The Holy Bible, The Holy Qur’an, Rig Veda, and The Book of the Dead. They all attest to creation beginning with word, with sound. What science refers to as the Big Bang. What esoteric knowledge refers to as the All as being Mental. Making these connections really for space inside of me to be created and memory accessed. Opening me up to spirit and intuition, which I have come to identify as the axis of man. 

As human beings we are a microcosm of the macrocosm: meaning we have a symbiotic bio reactive relationship with the organism of the universe. The same formula and force of creation is the same for man. Intention, thought, and will! Making this connection allowed me to give birth to Thought Healing and the Motto "healing is a thought away." Because every thought is a program and thoughts are magnetic. Our mind, body, and soul operate synchronistically like pearls. 

2020 was a year of challenges and new beginnings for many. How has your business and brand changed this year?

For me it was an optical year. Just clarifying: 2020 was 20/20 literally! It has creatively challenged and encouraged me to strongly pursue coding and interact with social media differently. 

What are you looking forward to next?

I seriously look forward to travelling all over the world and introducing the concept of a quantum life and increasing awareness of electropollution, which is number one form of pollution, and geopathic stress.


Any advice you want to share, Floyd, about the importance of going for your goals and dreams?

I think it is important to honor that by having an idea or a dream, that alone makes you distinct and successful. So many people do not have a dream. Hold on to your dream. And even guard your dream; only share it with those you know are positive and will potentially encourage you. So many lose out on their dreams to dream killers or to those who cannot comprehend it. Keep in mind it is your dream. Whatever your dream is, commit to it with perfect devotion. Become your dream so to say. Apply yourself, apply yourself, and apply yourself. Most importantly View things as lessons not losses, and you will never be defeated. 

Thanks for your time. How can our audience stay connected with you?

Thank you for the opportunity. My website is . You can also find me on Instagram at

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