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Monday, March 1, 2021

[Ask Mary Ellen] Making the Most of Choices: How?


Did you ever stop to consciously think about the number of choices you make day by day or even hour by hour or minute by minute?

Of course, most of your small choices are repetitive without any awareness of evening being made such as bathroom habits, brushing your teeth, making coffee or any of your routine choices to begin your day.

Most of these choices are ones that work for you to keep your life and your body working the way you want it to. We tend to neglect these small choices thinking it doesn’t matter how I get out of bed or if I thank God before my feet hit the floor. You don’t THINK these choices matter until

1.      You get out of bed without stretching first and hurt your back or twist your neck. Then “wake up call” Oh, I better start exercising or eating right! Or

2.      You have day after day of negativity because you wake up watching the news or viewing negative posts on social media.  Then “wake up call" might be a migraine or stomach issues or other diseases forcing you to wake up to be positive and thank God for another day!

These are simple small choices that when repeated day after day can either create the life you want or create a disastrous life you don’t want.

When you make the choice day after day to NOT take care of your body by eating incorrectly, not exercise or move your body, to not put cream on your skin to keep it moist, not brush your teeth 3 times a day, or you skip vitamins, herbs, antioxidants that will assist your body then you cannot expect your body to keep moving and working the way you want it to later in life!

In a similar way, when we keep treating each other with judgements, motives, expectations, disdain, criticizing everything then we cannot expect society to be better.

ALL of us must make choices from this moment on to become part of society’s solution, instead of continually criticizing and saying, it’s not my problem. Because when you say things like this YOU ARE THE PROBLEM or you are at least part of the problem.

Making good choices is the difference between achieving happiness and success or putting up with a life that is less than what you want.

The word choice is an action word requiring you to take action. Everything the smallest of details in your day-to-day life, to your future successes all depend on the choices you make NOW!

I once heard Anthony Robbins say, “Reasons won’t get you results decisions do, make a decision today to get the results you want! (Lit bulb) I like to substitute the word choices for decisions, as every choice you make is a conscious decision to create your life.

The key to creating success in any life is to think of far-reaching consequences. Are you eating correctly? Do you exercise? Are you aware of the many possible opportunities to advance your success on a daily basis? Are you still stuck in a past experience, blaming yourself for your error in judgment? How long are you going to allow 2020 to have an adverse effect on your life?

We are ALL beginning a New Year - 2021! Let us give thanks as We are the survivors and we now can make different choices! We can make choices to treat each other with kindness, compassion, dignity, honesty and understanding.

Whatever choices all of us decide to make, these choices will have future consequences. These consequences will not only affect our society, they will affect the world as we know it. So, before you make your next choice ask yourself, “how do I want to create my life? How can I make better choices? How can I become part of the solution? How can I leave the world a better place!

  1. You can make good choices or you can allow “chance" to make choices for you. Either way you have no one to blame except yourself! When you choose to give your ability to choose away to society or someone else you cannot go back and blame them when that choice doesn’t work for you!
  2. In 2021, I challenge All of us to take back ownership of our choices. Quit looking to blame someone else because your life isn’t working! Let us all choose happiness, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, compassion, encouragement, gratitude, peace of mind and success!

2020 was a year full of fear. It is over, gone, done! Let go of the fear that was 2020 as we ring in 2021 with a deep sense of unconditional love for every person, animal and wondrous beautiful thing making up planet Earth!

Be grateful for your life, friends, family, health, food to eat and clean water to drink. Become consciously aware of ALL the choices you make every day from the smallest of choices to big choices that direct your life. Let us teach these choices to our children and grandchildren, as we lead through becoming living examples of good choices!

In 2021, make good choices and consciously choose to become part of the solution, through all the good choices you make every day. By your living example of making good choices, you create opportunities for a successful future.

Happy New Year!

Sincerely with love,

Mary Ellen Ciganovich



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