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Friday, April 14, 2023

[REVIEW] Want to really make the difference in your community? Akbar Cook shows how to FOCUS ON THE LOVE


In the world we live in it is easy to have a title. We hear about people in leadership positions all the time, but are they really leaders Do they really have what it takes to motivate, inspire and push others to be their best selves? That is what Akbar Cook talks about in his book FOCUS ON THE LOVE.

Giving real examples, including that of his own, he shows us what it takes to TRULY be a leader, not in word but in deed. We have to understand the needs of those we work with and do our part to encourage them to see their own worth and value. Cook has been able to do this in the kids and community activities he has been a part of, but it has been reinforced by the words and deeds of others, too.

This book is great for those who are either already taking the lead in some form or want to see what it takes to be effective. The big takeaway for me is that love has to be the force behind all that we do. That will keep us focused and determined to not just win for ourselves but enjoy the satisfaction of raising up other winners and leaders.

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