Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Monday, April 10, 2023

Conversations' Top 40 Non-Fiction Books of 2022


Conversations Media Group is proud to share it's choices for Top 40 Non-Fiction Books of 2022.

Curated by Cyrus Webb, this list continues our commitment to recognizing some of the top books of the year that we believe should be on your reading list.

Conversations' Top 40 Non-Fiction Books of 2022 (listed in no particular order)

  1. Finding Me by Viola Davis (Harper One)
  2. Reclaiming Your Community by Marjora Carter (Berret-Koehler Publisher)
  3. The Woman Beyond the Attic: The V. C. Andrews Story by Andrew Neiderman (Gallery Books)
  4. Smart Brevity by Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz (Workman)
  5. Anna by Amy Odell (Gallery Books)
  6. If You Only Knew: Letters From an Immigrant Teacher by Emily Francis (Seidlitz Education)
  7. What Would Gen-Z Do? by John Schlimm (Familius)
  8. Coming Home by Cleon Jones (Triumph)
  9. Brighter By the Day by Robin Roberts (Grand Central Publishing)
  10. Master Your Digital Business Like a Boss by Omegia Keeys (AboutFace Media)
  11. Her Battle. My Lessons. Our Journey. by Shawn C. Mackey, Sr. (Shawn C. Mackey)
  12. Love Me As I Am by Garcelle Beauvais (Amistad)
  13. Illustrated Black History by George McCalman (Harper One)
  14. The Way Up by Errol L. Pierre (Wiley)
  15. Accidental Kindness by Michael Stein, M.D. (UNC Press)
  16. Don't Bump the Record, Kid by Mark Thompson
  17. The Book of Jose by Fat Joe (Roc Lit)
  18. The NBC In Black and White by Ray Scott (Seven Stories Press)
  19. Walking In My Joy (In These Streets) by Jenifer Lewis (Amistad)
  20. Heart of a Warrior by Fa-apepele Hunkin (TC Publishing)
  21. The Indoctrination of Separation by Dennis J. Perkins (Xulon Press)
  22. The Prophetic Lens by Phil Allen, Jr. (Fortress Press)
  23. The Fame Game by Ramon Hervey II (Harper Collins)
  24. Heart Peaces by Tracy Carzell (Tracy Carzell)
  25. Swimming with the Blowfish by Jim Sonefeld (Diversion Books)
  26. The Steal by Mark Bowden and Matthew Teague (Atlantic Monthly Press)
  27. Enough of the Bull$hit! by Zack Teperman (Zack Teperman)
  28. From Scratch by David Moscow and Jon Moscow (Permuted Press)
  29. Caught with My Pants Down by Jim Piddock (DartFrog Books)
  30. Miles to Go by Brennen Matthews (New Mexico Press)
  31. Icons & Instincts by Vincent Paterson (Rare Bird)
  32. Valuable by Forrest Clay-Suggs (AboutFace Media)
  33. Linked by Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling (Workman Publishing)
  34. Being A Black Man...It's Harder than You Think by Toneal M. Jackson (APS Publishing)
  35. Still on Fire by Renee Linnell (Pink Skeleton Publishing)
  36. Still no Word from You by Peter Orner (Catapult)
  37. Uncultured by Daniella Mestyanek Young (St. Martin's Press)
  38. Why Am I So Anxious? by Dr. Tracey Marks (DK Publishing)
  39. My name is Jason. Mine too. by Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin (Atheneum)
  40. My Wonderful, Wacky Family by Chicken Soup for the Soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

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