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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Designer Keny Cohen: Bringing Classic Back

by Sabrina Andrews

Fashion has the ability to not only make you look good but feel good as well. If you think it does wonders for the individual wearing the piece, just imagine what it must feel like for the designer. Keny Cohen knows exactly what that experience is like. This year her clothing line Katriel has been finding its way not just on red carpets but her name is resonating with people in the entertainment industry as well as those individuals who are just looking for something special. Actress Abby Miller, known for roles on AMC's Mad Men and FX's Justified says that Katriel "rocked her world" when she was recently photographed wearing one of Cohen's designs.

"It's really exciting," Cohen recently told talk show host Cyrus Webb during an interview on Conversations LIVE. "I've put in a lot of hard work, and the attention is just confirmation that the hard work is paying off."

Cohen told Webb that she gets a great deal of her inspiration from old Hollywood movies. "I love classic styles and really feminine dresses," she says. "Katriel is about classic styles with a fresher twist."

Just because she has been getting notoriety for her work don't think that means Keny Cohen is just about dressing a celebrity. She told Webb that her designs are for all ladies. "I want to make a woman feel comfortable, confident and glamorous," she says.

The success of Keny Cohen and Katriel would have been lost if she had not realized early on the importance of doing what she believed in, even when it didn't seem like the thing to do. "You just have to stick to what you want to do and believe in it and yourself," says Cohen. "I'm so happy that people understand my vision and like it." She also credits having the support of her family and friends along the journey.

During the interview Webb asked Cohen about the next generation of designers that are coming up after her and what advice she would offer to them. "There is so much competition out there," she admitted. "You have to have a vision and stick with it. Don't let people who are telling you no affect you.

"It's a lot of hard work. You can't back down at all. Keep going with what you want to do, sticking with it no matter what. You can't give up, because you're not going to be happy if you do."

At the end of the day Keny Cohen says that she just loves fashion and making people feel beautiful. She also told Webb that "the dress allows the woman who's wearing it to show through." In the process, Cohen is allowing who she is as an individual to show through as well: Classy, sophisticated and willing to take risks, she is exemplifying what it takes to make it in any profession.

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