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Friday, September 7, 2012

Mary's Motivational Message: ONLY A FEW PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE

Last week while posting on Face Book, I came across the “wisdom” posted below.

Be careful who you open up to, only a few people actually care. The rest just want to have something to gossip about.”

I was surprised by the number of individuals who responded in agreement.

For the record, I was offended because without doubt, I know that Satan wants the masses to believe that only a “FEW” people care. In fact, it is in His best interest that the world holds this belief. He wants you to feel as though your existence only matters to a FEW, He wants you to internalize that only a FEW are capable of loving you and celebrating the person you are, He wants you to believe that if you departed from this earth today only a FEW would miss you, He wants you to believe that your existence has had no positive impact on the lives of others.

However, that is not GOD’S perspective. It is GOD’S expectation that we love, respect and cherish each other. It is GOD’S expectation that we engage in fellowship. It is GOD’S will that we support and encourage each other. Did you know that we learn our greatest life lessons from each other, while being an example of “His Love”?

If you are currently attracting individuals who are wearing a mask, ask yourself, “Why am I maintaining dysfunction within my life?” Life is just too short for nonsense. It might be in your best interest to start issuing pink slips.

At times it may appear that Satan is in control and that only a FEW care. Every day many take their lives, believing that they didn’t matter and that only a FEW cared about their existence.
Never forget that GOD CARES and the fact that HE does, should comfort your soul. HE is all powerful and has instructed us to be a reflection of HIS love. Trust that your EXISTENCE matters and we must all STRIVE towards surrounding ourselves with individuals who truly love us because so many do.

Also, as you judge others, hold yourself to the same level of expectation. Start by asking yourself today, “Am I being the gossiper or am I showing those within my life that I love them and truly care about their existence.”

I’m thrilled that we are all simply a work in progress.

Love, Peace and continuous Joy, Mary

Mary E. Gilder is the author if the award winning novel, “A Misrepresentation of Myself.” Mary can be contacted at: or . Also, visit her website at:

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  1. Beautiful and timely article! So that is what I have been doing for the past ten out pink slips! BTW: I am enjoying your book big time! Gennene Wilburn in SD