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Get your Conversations Visionary Edition 2024 here
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Conversations Magazine: Feeding Your Love Of Life

On behalf of Shadow Play Entertainment, thank you for making Conversations Magazine a must-read in circles around the United States. When radio and tv personality Cyrus Webb first began the magazine in April 2006, he hoped to share his love of books with the world. However, as his radio and tv shows expanded, so did his desire to let others experience what he was seeing and hearing.

(seen here is Pamela and Joel Tuck of Boyertown, PA, authors of COLOR STRUCK)

The result is the revamped Conversations Magazine which debuted in Dec. 2010 It's motto? Feeding your love of life! Through it, Webb is showcasing the best in the arts, entertainment, fashion, food and more. Though he is still the Editor-In-Chief, Webb is joined by an ecclectic group of contributors that add their own flavor and personality to the publication. Author Michele Howe (host of Prescription For Life on Conversations LIVE), Home Chef Bruce Tretter (host of Quick and Easy Cooking on Conversations LIVE), sports contributor Herschel DIxon, Entertainment contributor Stanley Clark, fashion designer/stylist Gail Ambeau (host of Fashion Forward on Conversations LIVE) and Toya Bryant of Disconnect U are all regulars on the team, with the covers being designed by the multi-talented recording artist/graphic designer Chris Ervin aka Dj Down South.

As of today, there are 500 individuals in over 30 states who have signed up for the yearly subscription (12 issues) of Conversations Magazine, however the Dec./Jan. 2011 has sold almost 2,000 copies to date! For Webb, the challenge has been keeping up the demand of the magazine, but he knows this is just another way that people are uniting and staying informed.

Author Arlene Radasky, a subscriber in Goleta, CA had this to say about the appeal of the publication: "This is a vibrant, information filled magazine that is centered around learning about authors and their inspiring words, and musicians and the music in their hearts. The in-depth conversations give me a feeling of getting to know the person being interviewed. The questions are ones I would ask and I learned from each one and I've even been inspired to listen to some hip hop music.

"Through Conversations,Cyrus Webb has created another path to Literacy allowing everyone a touch of what is interesting to them, and a curiosity to read and listen."

Continue to stay abreast of what Conversations Magazine has to offer at There you can purchase all the single issues now available or sign up for the affordable yearly subscription for only $24.99. Interested in being featured or advertising in Conversations Magazine? Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

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