Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, May 13, 2012

PROFILE: Nicoye Banks

by Cyrus Webb

When I interviewed Nicoye Banks this year for Conversations Magazine it had been almost 2 years since we last spoke to each other. At the time he was enjoying the fact that two movies he was involved in: Brooklyn's Finest" (co-starring  Wesley Snipes, Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Ethan Hawk) as well as "Green Zone" (co-starring Matt Damon) had released at the box office.

"I feel immensely blessed to be able to say that I had 2 films debuting in movie theatres a week apart from each other," Nicoye told me at the time. "That is an actor's dream."

Pursuing his own dreams and goals is not the only thing that the talented actor and model is doing everyday. When not working with movies, television, stage plays and family, Nicoye devotes his time to helping and empowering his community, as one of the founding members of the artist collective group called "The Standard", where he serves as Creative Director. Their mission is to serve as a source of inspiration and support and provide a space for individual exploration and discovery nourished by a collective commitment to growth as an artistic community.

As he was preparing for the release of his latest project WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED: On The 7th Day, Nicoye took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Conversations about his journey and how he remains focused.

Nicoye, first congrats on your continual success and the new movie WOMEN THOU ART LOOSED. If I had told you ten years ago that you would be enjoying such acclaim, would you have believed it?
Yes, I would have believed your statement! From your mouth into the universe, to God's ears, it shall be so.

What has kept you focused on your dream of being successful in the entertainment world?
It is that thing that is in me. It keeps me awake at night. It gives me anxiety when I am away from it, and I left my entire family behind---New York unseen---to elevate my pursuit of a career in this thing I love called acting.

As you see how people are gravitating to you and rooting for you, is that validation that you are on the right path?
Absolutely. It is that type of energy that you draw from. As you continue to go further you hope to build on that community and get a larger base of fans.

Tell us about what it was like being  a part of the new movie WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED: On The 7th Day with stars like Blair Underwood and Pam Greer?
On The 7th Day is about a family dealing with their daughter being kidnapped and all that happens in this seven-day period. It's a really good, tense thriller. For me it was a master class every day. To be with an icon--THE Pam Greer---is totally humbling. I got a chance to talk with the other actors and learn from their journey, but when we took our marks we were all equals. This film will bring attention to the growing epidemic of kidnappings in the African-American community. T. D. Jakes' message of faith, forgiveness, family and redemption are sprinkled throughout the film. I believe people will get a lot out of it that they can take with them.

People are always having to deal with challenges and struggles when they are pursuing their dreams. Can you give some advice on how to not let the lows get you down?
If you do not know what lows are, how can you know what are highs? Lows are a part of it. So, don't look at it as lows. Look at it as a period of transition, a moment of pause to redefine, improve, reflect, and redirect.

Thanks for your time, Nicoye. How can your fans keep in contact with you online?
Please follow me on Facebook and my website

There is seemingly no end to what Nicoye Banks can achieve. With his continued focus, drive and determination, he is destined to be on the minds of many as his career continues to blossom. May we all get to a place in our lives where we feel that secure in our own skin and the road that is our destiny.

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