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Sunday, April 17, 2016

[Article] "Keeping Focused on the Greatness of Life" by Glenda L. Hunter

'What to do? What to do?' I say as I walk around in circles trying to figure out what to tackle next on my list. I sit down at the kitchen table to look at my list 'I really don't have time to do that and don't want to do this' I say to myself about everything. There I sit in a dilemma as I stare blankly at the paper.

After studying my list for a while I go to the living room, flop down on the couch, put my feet up and turn on the television. There I sit mindlessly spending an hour that stretches on into two, watching a show I can't even tell you the main point of. I become really upset with myself 'Wasted time, wasted time', I mumble to myself. I return to the kitchen table, taking my list in hand and shake my head. Surprise, surprise it is was no shorter, but two hours had passed. This time as I looked I said to myself: 'I could have done this and that' as I ran my fingers through my hair pointing to different things.

What made the difference? Nothing on the list changed. The thing that changed was the value I put on them! Before they didn't appear to be important enough for me to spend time on. Now that I can't get that time back I see what I could have done that would make a difference. It might not have made a big difference to many people, but the people I shared the house with would have been pleased even though they might never say a word. The clean floor, clean dishes and super cooking would have made a big difference to them.  What I should have done when I looked at my list the first time was to think of others instead of wasting my time doing something mindless.

There have been many times in making important life decisions I have found myself walking around in circles saying 'What to do? What to do?' I get nothing done then either. I just make myself dizzy. I need to stop walking around in circles, sit down, take a deep breath, evaluate the situation and pray. If there is something in my life that needs changing and I can, then I need to work on the change. If it is something I cannot change than I need to determine how to deal with it. I need to keep focused on the greatness of life. I need to keep absorbed in what God has for me to do. Then what to do will work itself out.

Are you walking around in circles? Are you asking yourself what to do? I want to invite you to stop, sit down and think with me.  Together let's pray, asking what we are really designed to do. Then get busy doing just that. Have a great day thinking.

Glenda L. Hunter is the award-winning author of AN UNSPEAKABLE SECRET, OUT OF THE DEPTHS and the children's books IT FINALLY HAPPENED and JUNIOR GOES TO SCHOOL. Find out more about her at

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