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Monday, June 10, 2019

Actress Rita Rucker: Taking Risks, Embracing Her Inner Greatness

by Cyrus Webb

During one of my trips to Los Angeles in 2018 I had the opportunity to sit down with actress Rita Rucker—and from the start I knew she was someone special. She's been seen on the hit show on BET Being Mary Jane as well as the breakout show Snowfall, and in each instance her light has been shining bright. 

Being in Los Angeles and pursuing a dream while staying true to herself is just part of what sets her apart. Rita lives a life of risk-taking and passion, showing by example what it takes to make it no matter where you are.

Conversations had the privilege of being her first  interview series to sit down with. It was special for us and I believe will be special for you, the reader.

Rita when we met in Los Angeles for the taping of Cyrus Webb Presents the web-series I didn’t know that was your first interview. First of all, what was that experience like for you?
It was exciting! I don't know I just always been like ‘Let's just do it and try something new.’ So I was very excited to do it. I didn't know what my answers were going to be like, but I watched the tape back and it was like ‘Oh wow. That was a very easy and comfortable feeling.’

Do you think that attitude of ‘Let's just do it’ is one of the reasons why you've been able to achieve the things that you have already?
I definitely agree with that. I think that a lot of what holds people back is the second and third thoughts that come from ‘I want to do this,’ and then everything that follows after that. If you want to go for something just go for it. Don't think too much about it and don't have no second thoughts. Be a risk-taker. Be courageous. Who cares if you fail. The important thing is to do what you love.  

Those are the fun things, and I think we put such a high price tag on making mistakes, but they're so valuable and they're fun because we can learn from them. We can look back and see our growth and see our journey. So yes, being courageous and just diving in and just jumping is something I love to do in my career and in life.

The other interesting thing that came out of the conversation we had is that you've been able to have a couple of things that have really worked to your benefit. One is having the love of your family and friends. But also of course that you know the faith that you have. Do you think that because of those components—having individuals around you that have been pushing you and knowing you were created for something greater—have really helped to propel you?
Absolutely. If it's just about me then it's boring. It's about my inner being and it's about God working through me. And using that to give a greater message - like seeing the light in individuals.

You've been able to, as I said, see your dreams become a reality. You've also been able to show people by example the importance of following one's goals and following one's dreams. When you hear from people what does that feel like to know that just by your living this life that you are being able to be a light for someone else?
It feels great, and I am happy that I can realize and see that, but even more than that like I hope that through my journey people can also realize that for themselves as well. Because I'm no different than them. We all have our individual purposes and our individual goals and dreams. And I think it's so easy to look at one person and think that oh it was so easy for them.
But it's easy for you too! It's our perspective and changing that and believing it for yourself that is really big for me.

You and I met in Los Angeles and that is the city that so many people look to along with New York and Atlanta as the places they need to be in order to make things happen in their careers. What has it been like for you to know that it's bigger than a place? I think that's the thing that so many people get hung up on. They think I have to be here, instead of realizing that the work begins within.
Yes, absolutely, and I think being in any one of those great cities is an experience that every artist should have at some point in their career. But I don't think you should box yourself into thinking that I have to make it happen there. Like you just said it's an inner journey, and realizing your own value and seeing your own light, and finding out what your own dreams and passions are is what matters. Then you have to really be committing yourself to it and holding yourself accountable for that. I think it's so important, and then you can prosper wherever you are and wherever you go it follows you.

How does it feel to be recognized for the work that you’ve done?
It's very cool. It feels great, but I also think it's important as an artist to not need that, whether it's good or bad. Having your work recognized is one thing but the need for constant validation can be like dangerous territory. I never look for it. I just continue to do what I love, and I hope that in the process I'm inspiring for some people, and help them follow their dreams as well.

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